05 Feb 2016

5 killer Google apps you haven’t tried yet

You’ve heard of Chrome, Google Maps, and YouTube, but did you know there are some incredible Google apps that don’t come pre-installed on Android devices? Read on to discover the best Google apps you might not be aware of. 1. Google Gesture Search: small gestures go a long way How

20 Jan 2016

Apps That Make Your Life Easier – Infographic

We all need things that will make our life easier. In a world with technology at the touch of our fingertips and advances in the digital age, we seek out things that will help us in our daily lives. Internet banking, Wi-Fi, portable tablets, Bluetooth, anything and everything that saves

08 Dec 2015

These Are the Top Google Play Games, Apps for 2015

So begin the annual roundups. Google has released its “best of” list for the Play Store, a roundup of the top apps and games you can pick up for Android. Among the games on the list is Agar.io, the fun “make my dot go bigger by eating other dots and avoiding