11 Jul 2016

Best Alternatives to Square & PayPal Here: Accept Credit Card Payments On the Go

Intro The most convenient thing about smartphones where retailers and sellers are concerned is the ability to accept payments — even if it’s a credit card swipe. With just a small gadget (the card reader) and your smartphone, you have a mobile POS that’s as good as any. Square Inc.

11 Jul 2016

Best UFC/MMA News Apps For The Latest Scoop on UFC

The rawness of an MMA is matched — I think — only by the rawness of natural predators the likes of which we see on Discovery or NatGeo. For fans of MMA, this UFC season has been a biggie. Think about this: UFC 200, about to start this week (July

24 Aug 2015

OFFTIME – An App that Will Cure Our Smartphone Distraction and Increase Productivity

Typically, I’d have looked at my phone at least ten times by the end of this post. The level of smartphone distraction is very high – especially with folks working from home, working alone. That has changed and, ironically, it’s because of an app I started using about a few

20 Aug 2015

Tips To Become a Zen Android User with Custom Swipe Gestures and Save Time

The designers and developers at Google try to make Android a platform that’s easy to use. Part of this makes Android a productive environment already with swipe for managing Notifications, “Ok, Google” for Google Now Search and a variety of other touch and voice gestures. But there is always scope

15 Aug 2015

Cityglance: An App That Finally Makes Your Daily Commute A Social Activity

We have a ton of social apps where you can make new friends based on many different parameters – movies liked, books read, places you’ve been to, things you’ve done (or are doing) etc. But here’s an app that makes everyday commute a place to make new friendships. Cityglance, an

10 Aug 2015

5 Best App Launchers To Spice Up Your Android and Add Some Jazz

I remember using the GO Launcher on my Android 2.1 back in the day. That was the first time I used a launcher and realized a whole new world of customization lay ahead. GO Launcher exists to this day but the world of launchers has undergone massive revolutions in the

05 Aug 2015

5 Best Science-based Puzzle Games to Put Your Brain to Test

Science-based puzzles are more fun than silly little games that are just addictive (cue: Flappy Birds). Not everyone wants to spend their post-lunch downtime wracking their brains to level-up or solve interesting puzzlers but for those that do, we’ve got something today. From being an alchemist to doodling smartly to

03 Aug 2015

15 Handpicked Icon Packs of 2015 You Should Definitely Try

I was an iPhone guy once. One of my favorite pet peeves (that a lot of iPhone users shared) was not being able to change the icons of apps. No icon packs were installable unless you “jailbroke” (iOS equivalent of rooting) and that meant voiding the warranty of the iPhone.

17 Jul 2015

How to Set up Alerts for Almost Everything With the Hooks App

A new app wants to simplify your life by notifying you about (almost) anything that you can think of / care about – from TV shows and movies to stock changes to events nearby to “website down” alerts. The list of things that you can set auto-notifications for is HUGE.

17 Jul 2015

10 Cool Virtual Reality Apps You Should Try to Experience VR

Occulus Rift, HTC Vive, Google Cardboard, Project Morpheus, Gear VR… does it sound like we are deep into VR territory already? With all the VR headsets and apps, we are definitely looking at an era where VR is no longer an experimental technology. It’s alive and thriving. Not surprisingly, then,