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15 Handpicked Icon Packs of 2015 You Should Definitely Try

I was an iPhone guy once. One of my favorite pet peeves (that a lot of iPhone users shared) was not being able to change the icons of apps. No icon packs were installable unless you “jailbroke” (iOS equivalent of rooting) and that meant voiding the warranty of the iPhone. I did jailbreak because I love trying new icon themes.

On Android, Google produces great icons. The Material icons are a testimony to their excellent design direction. Nevertheless, the beauty of Android is that you can try out any kind of an icon pack and there are thousands (if not millions) of them on the store. To me, trying a new icon pack is more exciting than trying out new clothes. So without any further ado, check out some of the coolest icon packs for the year 2015.



Around makes use of beautiful circular icons, subtle long shadows and a neat, flat structure to beautify your theme with its icons. Around supports a ton of app icons already and is a great theme to go with any flat, material background.

Download Around Icon Pack



Purportedly inspired by CyanogenMod, Cyano is largely a circular icon pack with the occasional variation. It’s beautiful but lacks much color (uses a maximum of three colors mostly).

Download Cyano Icon Pack



Elta is rich in colors but is also inspired by the flat structure. It reminds you of the bygone flat design era focusing on shadows, rounded corners and some very crisp color palette experimenting with different colors.

Download Elta Icon Pack



Flatcons are awesome. These are circular and flat too but the glyphs add some personality to the icons. And the subtlety is not lost. Supports a wide range of applications.

Download Flatcons Icon Pack



FLUI is a very humble-looking icon pack which combines a minimalist design philosophy with intricate details. I love these icons individually but the corners are too rounded for my taste. Still, an eye-candy. Runs only with Solo Launcher.

Download FLUI Icon Pack



Gel favors slight transparency and a monotonic color scheme which is mostly white. It is a nice icon pack but you might just get bored of it after a while.

Download Gel Icon Pack

Long Shadow


Long Shadow goes for long shadow icons in full force. There are tons of icons with rich colors (many popular apps hold their native color schemes to offer familiarity).

Download Long Shadow Icon Pack



Min is my personal favorite. It loses all notions of lines, borders, shapes and instead opts for a very simple glyph-based iconography. The designer has put in a lot of effort in designing minimalist icons that look absolutely wonderful.

Download Min Icon Pack



At first glance, Numix-Circle merely looks like default icons cropped into a circle. But there are subtle gradients, color corrections etc. that give it an independent personality.

Download Numix-Circle Icon Pack



Perfect, round icons in a rich color palette and beautiful, minified glyphs. Rondo works great on flat or Material themes / wallpapers.

Download Rondo Icon Pack



If you like octogonal icons, Rufus is probably the only icon pack on the store that offers this. The color palette is not something I like but the icon pack is worth a shot.

Download Rufus Icon Pack



For once, someone decided to let go of design stereotypes and go back to old-school iconography. Sunshine is a beautiful icon pack embracing new colors with old style.

Download Sunshine Icon Pack



Voxel reminds me of a theme I had on my iPhone long way back. Voxel icons are squares, with neat glyphs accentuated by long shadows.

Download Voxel Icon Pack



Whicons appears like a cousin to Min icons. It’s as beautiful and as minimal as the latter. What I like about Whicons is that the designer has introduced subtle differences to the glyphs for many popular apps.

Download Whicons Icon Pack



Zolo is a riot of colors. Most icons retain their original shape / glyph but are dropped on colored circles that makes all the difference.

Download Zolo Icon Pack

What’s your favorite icon pack?

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