3 Evernote Alternatives That Are Worth Your Time

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Evernote has become an indispensable productivity tool with its handy list of features. Nearly every feature is designed perfectly to provide a seamless experience. Its browser integration along with the web app makes it the best note taking application. Over time, numerous applications followed its lead with features lacking in Evernote.

Why Choose An Alternative to Evernote?

Even though Evernote provides effective collaboration features, it turns out to be a bit clumsy while working on notes shared among numerous people. The tag based classification of notes makes it even more productive but browsing through those tags often becomes tiresome, particularly if you have a lot of tags nested one inside another. Some applications tried to ease this feature by allowing a structural navigation while others based solely on search results to access required notes. Some other application even added functionality to share files among users to ease sharing and collaborate seamlessly without having to use any other application just to transfer data.

Top 3 Evernote Alternatives

Evernote is not a fully equipped service in itself but the desktop app along with browser extensions and mobile apps try to seal off any possible lack of features. If you are looking for features that it doesn’t provide or you are just bored with it and want to try a new app, here are top 3 alternatives that are healthy competitors to Evernote.

Microsoft Onenote


This flagship product from Microsoft ships along with its Office suite and provides nearly every feature present in Evernote. You can also find the OneNote extension for your browser while native apps for android, iOS and other devices can be installed from their respective app stores. Like Evernote, it also synchronizes all your content to your Microsoft account, therefore allowing you to access them whenever you want on the device of your choice. You can also collaborate with your friends and coworkers while making live edits to notes. Moreover, the online office recently released by Microsoft to compete with Google docs have significantly closed any feature holes in the application by allowing users to effectively store, access and modify all their documents and notes from a centralized console. If you are a Microsoft fan, you will definitely love Onenote and if you already have the Office suite installed, there are high chances that Onenote is just a click away on your Start Screen.

You can download OneNote here

Google Keep


Unlike other note taking apps, Keep comes as a chrome extension and mobile app. It is a nice little app that can sits on the desktop and provides all possible features to take notes, set reminders and allows you to color code your notes to set priority. Like all Google apps, it also allows effective collaboration and file sharing. The interface is purely intuitive and allows users to easily store and insert notes, lists and reminders with just a single click. One of its defining features is its ability to remind the user based on his location. Select this if you don’t want a heavy application but want all necessary features on all your devices.

Get Google Keep for Chrome, iOS and Android here



Quip is built for online collaboration while allowing users to edit, share and organize their notes just like they do on their PC. It has a clean user interface and allows flexible editing and live collaboration among users. Unfortunately it does not yet provide a desktop app but its mobile app is one of the featured productivity apps on apps stores. Privacy features are neatly established, therefore users can easily include or exclude people from files and folders.

Try the free version of Quip here


You can find numerous other apps like Wunderlist,, Todoist, etc that help you take notes and prepare To Do’s, but most of them have basically the same set of features. They are ideal for users who just want a simple To-Do app. But if you want to take notes and collaborate among users, the above three applications are perfect solutions for your requirements.

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  1. amro
    July 23, 2015 at 11:14 am — Reply

    Unfortunately OneNote looks ugly on a phone, and doesn’t support Arabic (my mother language). Quip seems to be designed for collaborative work rather than note taking and keeping. I haven’t tried Google Keep yet, but I’m always trying to find alternatives to anything from Google for many reasons, one of which is the deliberate blocking of so many apps, even free ones, on their play store in my country even if the developer has not specified so.

  2. Hildegerd
    September 16, 2015 at 7:31 pm — Reply

    Ypu should also try Centrallo ( and germio (

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