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5 Best Science-based Puzzle Games to Put Your Brain to Test

Science-based puzzles are more fun than silly little games that are just addictive (cue: Flappy Birds). Not everyone wants to spend their post-lunch downtime wracking their brains to level-up or solve interesting puzzlers but for those that do, we’ve got something today.

From being an alchemist to doodling smartly to get two dots to join, there are a few really good puzzles (based on physics, chem, biology etc.) that can help you waste time while exercising your brains. Here’s that list. Check it out:



Just like the Universe, you begin with Hydrogen atoms and you have to merge them (in physics: fusion) to form Helium. You go on like this, fusing several atoms with the help of energy to get up to Gold, Plutonium or Silver.

Sounds simple enough but the game is not without its caveats. The heavier your circle gets (the universe), the higher the chances of it crunching under itself (and that’s game over). You have to make sure you don’t cause the Big Crunch.

Atomas starts like almost every other addictive game: simple enough, with beautiful graphics. As you proceed up the levels, it gets tougher despite incentives and help. Perfect way to use your brain.

Download Atomas

Current Flow


Current Flow is what you get when you mix jigsaw puzzles with circuitry. It’s deceptively simple – you are given a set of hexagonal tiles with partial circuits, a power source and a light bulb. You have to rotate the tiles to complete the circuit and light the bulb.

What starts as a simple pastime (with a really neat set of graphics) can turn into an addictive problem-solving game. Bottom-line: must-have game app on your Android phone.

Current Flow has about 100 challenging levels with many bulbs and sources along with a nice ambient music. Tell us when you’ve finished all the levels!

Download Current Flow

Little Alchemy


Many years ago, when I sported Android 2.1, I download a game called “Alchemy” and remained glued to it for a long time. A better, modern version of that game is “Little Alchemy”.

Little Alchemy is where you play “God”, but with one serious limitation: you can only create starting with four basic elements (air, earth, water, fire). By finding out creative ways to mix these four and the new byproducts, you can create – wait for it – french fries, flashlight, a golem, Internet!, meteor!, spaceship and more!

There are over 500 things to create and the whole game is so popular that there are separate apps to help you with some combinations. But the real fun is trying them all out yourself! Find out all the combinations and you’ll have mastered the art of mix-n-match in real life.

Download Little Alchemy

Brain Dots


Alright this is probably not exactly a science puzzler but it makes use of physics. It’s similar to a few other games where you have to draw doodles (lines, circles, bubbles, blocks) to get an object move.

In Brain Dots, you have to draw lines to get two balls to bump into each other. Again, this game starts simple and ends up being the nightmare of our times. Levels get harder because there are impossible hurdles between the balls. And the doodles you draw interact with the things on the screen.

Download Brain Dots

Cell Lab


Cell Lab is a simple but sophisticated bio game. You’ll definitely need to know a lot about cells and biology to make the best out of this game – but hey, there are no hard and fast rules. You can experiment with the game as you like.

Cell Lab lists a lot of organisms that you have “culture” in your lab using the given specimens and building blocks. A lot of science here for those of us that didn’t get a degree in science.

Download Cell Lab

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