5 Essential Apps to Use While Travelling in 2023

What are the best apps to use while travelling in 2023? 

Your cell phone is your biggest ally when you’re travelling the world. No matter if you need to book a flight, look for a hotel, or find a fantastic restaurant to have dinner, all the information you need is in your pocket. 

Here are five essential apps for travelers in 2023. 

1 – Tripadvisor

screenshot of Tripadvisor Google Play Store page, one of the best apps to use while travelling

To start with, the single most important out of all apps to use while travelling is Tripadvisor. 

It contains a repository of information by travelers for travelers. Think “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”. 

Tripadvisor can help you find the best places to eat, no matter where you are – all reviewed by dozens or hundreds of people to give you the inside scoop. The app also helps you compare hotel pricing and pinpoint fun activities, from walking tours to specialty museums. 

2 –

screenshot of Google Play Store page, one of the best apps to use while travelling

Next up, is the classic when it comes to booking accommodations. No matter if you’re looking for a hostel, a five-star hotel, or an apartment, this app has you covered.’s main advantage is that it’s one of the biggest hotel booking apps out there. That means it offers a massive diversity of choices no matter where you are. Plus, most accommodations have dozens of reviews by people who stayed there to help you make your choice.  

3 – Skyscanner

screenshot of Skyscanner Google Play Store page, one of the best apps to use while travelling

Looking for a flight to take you … anywhere? Then Skyscanner should be your first point of references.

Among the apps to use while travelling, this is the most comprehensive when it comes to booking air travel. You can compare flight prices from numerous travel booking sites. 

Plus, Skyscanner lets you add some flexibility criteria in terms of when you travel and where. Why pay $800 for a flight to the South of France when there is a $250 deal to get to Barcelona? Spend a few extra days in Spain and take the bus to get to your final destination!  

4 – Wanderlog

screenshot of Wanderlog Google Play Store page, one of the best apps to use while travelling

Hotels, restaurants, things to do, itineraries to remember. All juggled between different apps. Yikes. 

Keeping all your travel information sorted out can be difficult and stressful. That’s where Wanderlog comes in. The purpose of this app is to centralize all the information you need for your trip, no matter if it’s hotel reservations or the route you plan to take on your next road trip. 

You can easily import reservations from other apps, log activities, and move points of interest around on an intuitive map. 

5 – PackPoint

screenshot of PackPoint Google Play Store page, one of the best apps to use while travelling

Finally, there’s PackPoint – the app to use while travelling to make sure you never forget to take along anything important ever again. 

PackPoint checks where you are going, which activities you will be doing, and what the weather will be like. Based on this data, it will give you a personalized packing list to make sure you have everything you need.

Plus, you get to compare your packing list with that of other travelers. 

Conclusion: These Are the Apps to Use While Travelling 

Are you gripped by wanderlust yet? Then download these apps and hit the road! And let your adventures begin, with these tools in your pocket. 

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