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5 Great Fitness Apps You Should Work Out With

Do you sometimes wish you had more time to exercise and get fitter? The bane of our lifestyle is we are just too busy to find time to work out. With more and more jobs involving long hours sitting in front of a computer, physical activity has become a necessity to stay healthy. All the guides and manuals available won’t help much if you don’t find the time or the motivation to commit yourself to a workout schedule and stick to it.

Working out without motivation leads to fatigue and eventually people find excuses to drop out. Fortunately, the app store is filled with interesting apps that not only help you achieve your fitness goals but also make the process more enjoyable with the help of social connectivity, game like scenarios and numerous other features.

Let’s explore the 5 great fitness apps you should install right now.

Google My Track with Fit


Image : Google

As with all things Google, this app is perhaps the best fitness on the Play Store with cross app integrations with Google Fit and Android wear devices. My Track a GPS app that tracks your path and elevation while Google Fit is a fitness and health app that synchronizes data from android devices like your phone, android wear and tablets that are designed to work with the app.

It also synchronizes data from other fitness applications to track your workout history while providing detailed insights about your heath and the effect of your workouts. You can also set goals and track your progress. Unlike most apps, Google Fit provides in-depth information along with recommendations to achieve your goals. This must be the first fitness app on your device although it has only basic features.

You can download the app here

Run Keeper


Image : Run Keeper

Since its release, it has remained as one of the top downloaded apps for all kinds of athletes and fitness conscious folks. Most of its features depend on inbuilt GPS trackers to monitor location, track speed, distance, and progress of your workout sessions.

One of its striking features is its ability to track real-time data to determine the effectiveness of your workouts. It can also figure out your top and average speed while running sprints and races. Its GPS features allow you to map routes even when you are planning to run through remote or unknown places.

You can download the app here


First released as Gympact by a couple of Harvard students as an experiment on behavioral economics has now become one of the most successful apps in the market. Users claim this as the most effective app in the iPhone and Android app stores. Along with the usual features of a workout app, it has one striking features that has won it plaudits everywhere – It pays you to work out! Yeah, you heard that right.

It is the only app that pays you to work out and charges you if you don’t. To use the app you need to make a pact with it, promising to exercise for a specific period every day, eat preset meals and check into gyms and fitness centers and workout. If you successfully complete the tasks you earn money. But if you fail, your credit card is charged as per the amount set while setting up the pact.

You can download the app here

Garmin Fit


Image : Garmin

This app is primarily an assistive application for Garmin wearable devices. The app focuses on smarter work outs to achieve desired fitness goals. It automatically uploads data to Garmin Connect that monitor your heart rate and effectiveness of workouts while suggesting recommended workout techniques for effective workouts.

Additionally the app also allows you to select your favorite soundtrack for your workout sessions. All real-time data along with calories burnt is displayed in a unified dashboard that helps you track all progress over time and helps you plan future workouts to get better results.

You can download the app here

Nike+ Training Club


Image : Nike Club

The upgraded version of the app from Nike is now one of the most wanted apps on the Play Store. The app takes you through a four week training program with a virtual assistant right when you need it.

The algorithms in the app automatically translate your fitness level to workout exercises that are bound to make you sweat. The varied routines are specifically designed to get you into shape regardless of your fitness levels.

You can download the app here


All the above apps are designed to get you started with your workout sessions and help you remain motivated to stay fit. These apps are ideal for any type of fitness goal as they encompass all necessary features for a wide variety of fitness routines along with tacking and exercise recommendations to help you get going. There’s no better time to get started on your fitness goals than now and these apps will keep you company on the often overwhelming path to fitness.

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