Advantages of Rooting Android Phone & Why You Should Root [Infographic]

If you are an android mobile or tablet user and looking for the reason to root your Android phones, then this article is surely your cup of tea. In this article you’ll discover the advantages and benefit of the rooting. Rooting is process which allows you take the full control on your Android Smartphones and tablets, With the help of rooting you will do lots of things on your device like Install Custom Roms, improves the battery performance of your device, remove unwanted system applications, install tweaks and other modification on your device easily and enjoy lot of free rooted application on your device.

In simple word we can say rooting give you the administrator-level permissions on your device and customize your device as per your need which are impossible to a normal android. Most of the new users are unaware about the rooting and don’t know how to proceed and how to follow the root process on android, read some of the best android rooting tutorial and guide here which you will easily apply on your device. Below are some of the benefits which you will enjoy after rooting your device.


Source: Androidjailbreak.

H/T: Technobuzz.

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