All Clear: Try These 5 Great Alternatives to Clean Master

The Cleanup Job

The Android Play Store is overflowing with apps that optimize and clean your devices. Unfortunately only a few have garnered reputation equivalent to Clean Master. With more than 400 million active users, it boasts of features that are hardly found in other cleaning applications. It not only frees up storage but also cleans redundant processes while optimizing the core OS for effective use of available resources.

Here are top five Clean Master competitors, in case you are looking for an alternative to the popular app:


Image : CCleaner

Image : CCleaner

This popular PC and Mac cleaning software is now available for Android with added features that help users optimize their devices with just a single tap. Piriform is popular for its desktop software by the same name. Although the name CCleaner doesn’t quite fit the android file system, the app works like a charm, further reinstating the company’s vision to “Make Devices Run Faster and Remain Secure”. The app unlike its desktop version, comes with a system monitoring tool that keeps track of CPU processes, RAM usage along with battery level and hardware temperature.

Download CCleaner

360 Security

Image : 360 Security

Image : 360 Security

This app is an antivirus scanner with inbuilt garbage removal features with a small footprint on the device, allowing users to optimize their devices while remaining secure from incoming virus and malware. The antivirus engine also comes with real-time protection which automatically monitors garbage data and dump file increment over time while scanning incoming files for hidden malware. With more than 640 million active users, this can be a very good replacement for clean master.

Download 360 Security

DU Speed Booster & Cache Cleaner

Image : DU Speed Booster

Image : DU Speed Booster

It was first released as a cache cleaner but its developers kept on adding new features with every update. Now the app functions as a junk file cleaner, cache cleaner, RAM booster, Antivirus and an App manager. It has more than 4 million satisfied customers with developers adding new features and removing redundant ones in every upgrade.

Download DU Speed Booster & Cache Cleaner

SD Maid – System Cleaning Tool

Image : SD Maid

Image : SD Maid

It was first released as an app to remove unnecessary data stored on SD cards. Now it is one of the most powerful optimization and cleaning apps on the play store. It is often the next choice for Clean Master users due to the similarity in interface and functionality among the 2 apps. The app comes with an inbuilt file explorer which automatically searches for processes associated with each file on your device. All files that are not associated with any processes are permanently removed after user approval, therefore cleaning the inbuilt and external SD cards. Its growing popularity is mainly due to the active support from its developers who instantly provide fixes to any problems with the app.

Download SD Maid – System Cleaning Tool

The Cleaner

Image : The Cleaner

Image : The Cleaner

Although not as popular as the above ones, this app deserves appreciation due to its numerous inbuilt features and intuitive UI that adapts to any smartphone device. Along with the usual features, it contains a powerful app manager that explores and detects malicious apps to be removed. Along with that, it also comes with widgets and a conversation cleaner that cleans unnecessary SMS and phone records cluttering your device. Users can also change the look and feel of the app through its inbuilt customizable themes.

Download The Cleaner


You can find hundreds of device optimization and cleaning apps on the play store but most of them end up cleaning only the application cache. The above listed applications scan and monitor the whole device thoroughly to clean even the smallest amount of memory allocated for files or apps that are no longer in use. They also track file fragments left behind while uninstalling applications and deleting user files. Due to their inbuilt features, the above apps are perfect alternatives to Clean Master.

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  1. sunil
    November 14, 2015 at 6:30 pm — Reply

    Hi Hemendra,
    I own a Micromax Android 1 phone that has recently auto-upgraded to Android 6 (marshmallow). I am basically looking for an App that would help me keep the phone clean of garbage, help me to transfer Apps and other data to the SD card, help me uninstall unwanted Apps. I have been doing some research on the net and Clean Master seems to be a good option, but there are some conflicting views on that. Which App would you suggest is ideal for me?
    Hoping for a prompt response. Thank you.

  2. November 17, 2015 at 4:06 am — Reply

    Hey Sunil,

    Personally I use Clean Master and so far it’s not given me a reason to look for alternatives. If you disable the annoying notifications from the app, its the best one around by a mile! Go for it!


    • sunil
      November 17, 2015 at 5:10 am — Reply

      Hi Hemendra
      Thanks a lot for your prompt response. I also had a good feeling about Clean Master and now that you have given your wholehearted recommendation, I will definitely install that app and will get back to you regarding any feedback.

      Thanks once again.

  3. Jonathan
    January 3, 2016 at 6:33 am — Reply

    Hi Hemendra,
    Do you know the differences between clean master and clean master lite?

  4. Korvis
    February 3, 2016 at 2:30 am — Reply

    Clean Master used to be good until they started bloating it down with unneeded features.

  5. February 25, 2016 at 1:14 am — Reply

    I have Samsung s6 and install clean master and 360 both poping up to clean each other do I kept one and which one should I keep for Samsung s6 I do steaming cricket lot and 360 say viruses and clean master say safe .please advise me should viruses damage Samsung S6 and what precaution should have to take when I watch cricket match on phone

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