Android Apps News: While you were out – June 6 -12

Android Apps News: While you were out – June 6 – 12

Hello again there techies, we have a few interesting stories for you this week. As always it’s a been a whole week since we were last here! Sometimes we don’t know where the time goes!

Twitter gets a facelift

Twitter was always a problem with how they displayed their content. If we could give them a few pointers we would say, learn from your Windows 10 app, that one works. Now, just translate that to Android. Swiping is the big emphasis with this redesign. Not only does it look more polished but it looks more mature in execution. This is the Twitter redesign that we’ve been waiting for ever since Lollipop hit the market. Head over to TheVerge to read more…

Android Apps News

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Blackberry Blues

When’s the last time anyone’s heard the name “Blackberry” and not thought of aging rap moguls? It’s been reported that even the POTUS was rockin’ one and only recently crossed enemy lines with the rest of the world. Be that as it may, they’ve done some good things lately. From releasing their PRIV to the PASSPORT, they’ve managed to stay at least noteworthy in tech circles. However, if it hasn’t been apparent already, they’ve been having some “problems” within the Android market. ArsTechnia has more…


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Ask and Ye (Might) Receive -Cortana

We can’t argue that the app selection for popular services on the Windows Store isn’t a complete joke, because it is, we use Windows 10. That being said they’ve started rolling out a new feature in the recent builds of Cortana that allows users to request an app when the desired app isn’t found in the Windows Store. It can mean a few things. We figure it supplies information to developers to decide which apps to port over to Microsoft. This is a great idea as many popular Android Apps are naught to be found on Windows. It might not at all be answered but trying doesn’t hurt. has more…


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Nokia… Yes… Nokia… Again

Nokia seems like it’s planning on enriching it’s brand name a little possibly because a secret imminent sale? WE don’t know but maybe. What they’re doing now is releasing phones again via a new OEM that goes by the name of “HMD Global Oy. ” The story is actually pretty interesting as Nokia has quite a backstory with failed market pull through Microsoft. Forbes has the details…

Android Apps News

Credit: Stephen Elop and the Nokia X (image: Getty)

Social Media Slowdown

Facebook? Twitter? Snapchat? Who cares? Apparently not us. We’ve only gone down about 3 minutes per day from 45 to 42 according to Such a small decrease in activity might mean nothing, but it also might mean something. Head over and see what Matt Kapko has to say about it.

Android Apps News

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Facebook Panorama

Facebook has been the topic of plenty of YouTube content creators in the past few months due to their problems with Freebooting. Freebooting is where an individual goes to some obscure content creator and downloads their videos while re-branding and uploading to other social media sites such as Facebook. They seem to be more about making it easier for their members to create content that gets uploaded directly to their servers. 360 degree panoramic photographs as well as a few other features are looking to be added to the Facebook App. Android Police can tell you more…

Android Ex-Con

Android has always been free. They’ve been very libral with the source code and kept it that way for years. Things might change. For anyone who’s been in this situation, we call this “being incarcerated,” or sometimes we say “ward of the state,” but most often we just say, “locked down.” That’s what Android is becoming–or so thinks an important source within Android circles. So what right? Here’s what might happen if they’re right…

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Modulus Vox

We’ve heard about this for the past four years. We’ve awaited the day when phones become modular. With easily replaceable components you device might last for years until the whole unit needs replacing. On paper, it sounds like a good idea but it’s been a long time since we’ve heard anything about it. That’s all changed. Finally a clue about the future of modular phones and the final differences between Android and Apple…

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Flipstart my Heart Samsung

We’ve been saying this for awhile. We WANT an Android Flip Phone that’s small in hand but still takes care of business. Samsung is about to drop a new phone stylized after a flip phone that runs on an Exynos 8890 chipset. Phone Arena has more…

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Like Discovery and Mining Games?

“Like” is one of the most searched for words even if they aren’t the primary term. Product A that is “like” Product B. This is what we’re talking about. Doing a quick search in the Google Play store means seeing all of the various knockoffs that suck off the popularity of better games. PA has 7 games that are just as good or about the same as Minecraft…

iMessage… what really?

This sentence doesn’t make any sense. Why ask for an iOS app for android? This reasoning seems blasphemous if you’ve always rocked a green robot, Darren Orf has his reasons we’re sure… 

Android Apps News


And That’s the week in Android

You’re Welcome!

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