Android Apps News: While you were out – May 9-15

  • Android Apps News – While you were out – May 9-15

It’s been a VERY long time since we’ve kept up with the various circuits in the Android world. Things come and go, technology passes our eyes and for a moment we forget what the big hype was last week. Nevertheless, time waits for no one and this week we have a bit of Android Apps News for you all, settle in, grab some popcorn, and hold on tight!

Google Speaks, we listen

We’ve been hearing quite a bit about Virtual Reality or VR as it’s been christened. From the Oculus Rift finally being available for those who’ve preordered, to the HTC Vive being ostracised at first for the outrageous pricing then quietly adopted by naysayers, VR has been the hot topic of the year! In Google I/O Addressed VR along with other tidbits of things to come. Telegraph.Co.UK has more on the story…

Android Apps News

Google boss Sundar Pichai CREDIT: AP

Amazon Slashing Prices

Since we’re still across the pond in the UK let’s discuss something. Amazon. Some of you love it, some of you hate it. But we can all agree that it’s kind of expensive. Well you’re going to want to jump on this deal pretty quick. They’ve slashed the price even lower in celebration of… well, new subscribers of course…(always a catch right?) in any case, Rich Edmonds has more on this deal…

Android Apps News

Credit: AndroidCentral

Hints and Rumors…Oh, Samsung!

Ah, if there wasn’t a writer that we admired as much as Ewan Spence we wouldn’t know what to do, he covers this week’s “Android Circuit” with various whisperings through the grapevine about the Galaxy S7, the Note 6, and another emulation of the Apple Features in their new release…

Nintendo we love you!

After a slow start on jumping on the Mobile Train, Nintendo has a few more surprises up its sleeve. Despite the flop that was the Super Mario Bros. Tatsumi Kimisha, Company President, told a Japanese Publication they’ve begun talks with several production companies about expanding into the film industry. Android Authority is the place to go for more…

Who cares about Marshmallow? We do apparently

Quite a misleading title but there is still something to be taken from this, a kernel of wisdom so to speak. Concerning owners of the Samsung Galaxy S6,the HTC M8, and HTC M9 your days of waiting might just be over. Don’t drop that phone to the bin for an upgrade, just surf over to AndroidPit to find out why…

Android Apps News

Credit: © AndroidPIT

Having the weather a little closer to home

Most of us are pretty straightforward about what the weather might be. We look upward, perhaps scan the horizon, and if we really want to show our savvy we grunt and make a face that strikes contemplation. Meanwhile our audience whips out their phone completely ignoring us. If they don’t do that yet then they will after they download this new app from The Weather Channel. Nathan Ingraham as more on the subject…

Android Apps News

Rex C. Curry/AP Images

Oracle v. Google Part 1

Many have been called the trial of the century but to our circle of tech geeks and nerds the trial of the century usually revolves around Fair Use, #MakeYouTubeGreatAgain, DMCA Take Down Abuse, Samsung v. Apple, and now, Oracle’s jumped into the mix. There’s much that can be said about the current state of affairs at Mountain View, Calif., however we’d prefer someone like Dan Bornstein from ARStechnica having been following the event for the past week to explain…

Android Apps News

Credit: Dan Bornstein

Oracle v. Google Part 2

We just couldn’t leave well enough alone with this. There’s too much at stake here. According to CNBC, “Android, which powers over 80 percent of global smartphones, utilizes Oracle’s Java programming language.” That’s a big number when you consider 1.4 billion devices as of 2015 fall right into this category. So if you have one, this affects you. The debate is whether or not the ruling will impede the environment all together, read more from Ari Levy…

Beta Testing Google Play?

When we think of Apps we think of outlets that we frequent, AndroidPit, Android Central, Droid Life, Android Police, and (Ahem!) But what happens when Google begins to do the same thing most tech companies have done for years? We don’t know but it might not be all that great considering beta testing also becomes a security issue at times. This is exactly what Google is intending to do. TheNextWeb has more on the matter…

Android Apps News

Credit: | Graphicburger

McAfee tries to troll

You might have heard about McAfee AntiVirus Plus. Mired in controversy and being given the reputation for being a terrible AntiVirus system according to some people–maybe even those people in your office, has hit a new low recently with John McAfee claiming to be able to blast right through Google’s Encryption methods to read sensitive material living on your phone. Engadget has the scoop…

Russian Android

It was only a matter of time really. When the powers that be start to think about how they are supporting foreign technology corporations things get a little hairy. The Chinese for one, have several parallels such as Baidu and MIUI, their neighbors the Russians may not be far behind. Sailfish, a production of previous Nokia Engineers functions as the base. Darren Pauli has more…

What’s App follows Hangouts’ Suit

What is in a messaging service? The instantaneous sending of information from point A to point B? When internet speeds pick up traction worldwide we are starting to see a trend with messaging services including the ability to make video calls as well. What’s App has done just that. Hindustan Times has the story…

Android Apps News


One more for the UK!

Finally, the UK has Google Pay! Find out who supports it and how you can participate…

And That’s the week in Android

You’re Welcome!


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