Android Apps News: While you were out – April 4-10

Android Apps News: While you were out – April 4-10

It’s been a whole seven days since you last checked in! Here’s what happened in Android Apps News while you were away:

Htc 10

Long awaited and only whispered about in secret after-school circles, we wonder “Is HTC still relevant?” It was so easy to dismiss the most recent iteration of the HTC ONE M9 only because the design was just so… “meh.” How could anyone blame us? Same basic profile, same body chassis, same… well so many things the same. Enter the HTC 10. We wonder what “Curved Edge Gorilla Glass” means, or what “BoomSound Hi-Fi Edition” is going to sound like. Just what is an “Elegant Triple Finish?” Well your guess is as good as ours so head over to Android Headlines to read the whole story…

Android Apps News

Smartwatch Chic

When we stand in front of the mirror just before stepping out the door, we have to double take our outfit. Everything should match–at least if you’re like us. If not to that extent then let’s consider why the majority of those who wear watches wear them in the first place. John Anon has a piece with great insight,

“Traditionally speaking, watches are about attraction and to the traditional watch wearer (myself included), they are a form of jewelry. They are worn to complement a look or a style or to emphasize a taste of sorts.”

Does this ring true for you? After all, utility means not wearing a watch in the first place and pulling your phone out to check the time. Why haven’t Smartwatches caught on as quickly as we hoped? Read the full article to find out why…

The Fight for VR

All too often when in competition in any market, we see several retailers aim for three markets, the higher income bracket, the lower income bracket, and somewhere in between. Virtual Reality is more than a numbers game. It must deliver value, necessity, and like this website, it must stand to give back to it’s readers. What are we doing to help those reading our articles? VR must do the same. Less on price and more on reason. Come by and give Justin Diaz a little read to understand the debate…

Android Apps News

Too many cores?

We have come a long way. We were at single cores running somewhere around the 800 Mhz range back in the days of the OG Droid to increasing the core count by 2’s. We had dual-core phones, quad-core phones, octa-core phones, and some might expect hexa-core pretty soon. So why the hubbub? Do we know the point of having many cores or does it just sound cool? What does a phone with 10-cores even look like? Android Central has pictures…

LG 360 Cam

Ok doing a second glance. 360 Cam? What could that possibly mean? LG tells you everything you need to know.

#WhatIsAndroidN ?

Nougat, Nutella, Nerds, Nutty Buddy, how many sweets and delectables start with the letter “N?” No, this isn’t a Sesame Street episode, rather it’s a name guessing contest or Google’s newest baby, Android N. Michelle Haag has the contest winner and runners-up…

Sorry Blackberry

Sprint hating on Blackberry? But WHY? Android Authority has the story…

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No more excuses speeders

A few posts ago we did a feature on the Must Have Apps for Motorcyclists and Best Apps for Roadtrips. On those commentaries we outlined one mapping application–Waze–despite the market preference for Google Maps only because of two factors. The ability to share news on the road such as hazards, construction, and waiting cops, and the ability to monitor your speed without having a third-party GPS speedo. That wait is over almost. Google Maps gets a little more useful with Velociraptor, Android Police has more on the story…


Bringing you a little bit of Android N, floatify has the goods, think your Lollipop notifications on crack.

Pokemon Trading Cards

Pokemon is indisputably one of the most successful Nintendo Franchises to date. The Pokemon trading card game, featured in many grade schools across the country about 15 years ago actually has a digital following online. Who knew? Now Android owners can join the party with a beta version being released that supports various tablets. If you’re feeling nostalgic come by and read the whole story by Michael Crider on AP…

J1 Oh Canada!

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The Galaxy J1 is that good ‘ol boy who made solid B’s, married his high school sweetheart, and who has developed a reputation as an honest mechanic in your hometown. He might not have taken on the world, but he’s doing right by the people around him in his own humble way.

Could that have been said better any other way? John Dye has the scoop on the Galaxy J1 heading to Canada…

Power to the Players

Coming to wrap up our week in Android, what else would we have picked to end the post? Ah… HTC Vive is being rolled out a select GameStop stores and key Microsoft locations this spring in order to get you to see what exactly $799 bucks buys–HTC Vive’s Price–besides just a really cool looking headset. Think your store is going to be picked? AA has the details…

And That’s the week in Android

You’re Welcome!

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