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We’re kicking off the spring season with our all-new weekly android gaming column. We’ve spent the last few days going through some of the hottest titles released by Android Indie Games’ Developers on the Google Play Store. Here is part of our ongoing weekly selection. Don’t let the simple graphics fool you, they’re as addicting as they are easy to play.

Android Indie GamesSoda Dungeon

Armor Games

[Price: Free with in-app purchases]

At first glance, this icon on the Play Store didn’t help with our expectations. We figured with such high reviews we’d give it a shot. We were not disappointed. The beginning is simple enough with the fight mechanics pretty basic. You can equip your members with various items that help them earn money as you fight your way through the local dungeon. Your crew you make available with different types of soda, fixing up the bar so they can chill, and hiring them. Several perks are unlockable and it is tempting to spend real money in the game but by being patient and utilizing the auto fight option, it’s not that hard to level up. There isn’t much of a backstory but keeping you wanting to get just a little further is the draw.



Our High Score: LVL 74

Marco Schirato March 6, 2016 

“Soda for everyone! Simple game play is addictive and entertaining. No issues with any bugs.”

Android Indie GamesBasket Fall


[Price: Free with in-app purchases]

This physics tapping game is similar to other titles but it takes the same single tapping action a whole lot further. Like crossy road, you’re able to choose different levels and themes based on your object. Whereas in crossy road you can choose different characters, in Basket fall you get to choose different sports by unlocking different sports items.



Our High Score: 37

Tab Martel March 15, 2016 

“Awesome I have been playing this game for like 1 hour lol its addicting.”

Android Indie GamesGive it Up! 2

Invictus Games Ltd.

[Price: Free with in-app purchases]

Another tapping game that harnesses sound and action to get the little blobby guy across various obstacles. You can tap just before a spike to make him hop a little further or you can tap just before a pillar to perform a high jump and leap over. The soundtrack is catchy and clues you in to the timing of your jumps. A lot of action goes on and a higher speed so the precision of tapping the screen is very important. You’re going to have a love/hate relationship with this one.



Our Highest: 66% LVL 1

conrado rivera January 31, 2016 

Love it It hard and I wish they get more music also the most addictive game.”

Android Indie GamesLost in Harmony

Digixart Entertainment

[Price: Free with in-app purchases]

We wanted to make this our showcase app but the more we think about our selection this week, the harder it is to single out any one app that would be better or worse than the others. They may not be particularly engaging and they do play off of the concept of busy people just wanting to pass the time, but they do it well.

Take Lost in Harmony for example.

It has stellar graphics that you wouldn’t expect on a mobile platform as well as music that you actually want to buy and download. Classic music such as The Nutcracker Suite is redone in electronic synth that’s reminiscent of melodic dubstep. Think Lindsey Stirling but without the violin. The start is simple enough. You ride a skateboard that takes the endless runner and reverses it by having the protagonist coming toward you. You can veer left, right, and jump when you obstacles get in the way. Along with this, certain flashes of light appear and disappear prompting you to tap them in order to gain extra time lost to hitting things. The storyline is engrossing and we just HAD to put it down so we could actually write the review on it. Don’t wait for this one, go to the Google Play



Reshi Balakrishna March 13, 2016 

Absolutely love it😍❤❤ Love this game alot…better than temple run or subway surfer…The music is really great…never get tired or bored with it…

Android Indie GamesSky Chasers

Lucky Kat Studios

[Price: Free with in-app purchases]

Our last game of the day, Sky Chasers. Immediately when booting up we were reminded of retro Super Nintendo without the complicated control scheme. Having a phone, there are definitely some challenges to what you can and can’t do well in terms of gameplay. The standby seems to be using either end of the display to manipulate the tiny rocket ship. Pressing both ends at the same time fires both engines and the character goes straight up. You lose fuel with every baddie you hit and coins you collect for some reason recharge your “battery.” The only real problem we could see was having to use in-game currency to pay for save states.



Charlie White March 21, 2016 

“So much fun Yea so much fun. So much fun. Niptaslisticals.”

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