27 Feb 2016

App Spotlight – Hexlock – App Lock Security

Hexlock – App Lock Security One of the most annoying problems that we come up across is having to figure out how to keep my phone secure while not being a burden to ourselves. There are apps that will lock your phone every time you turn off the screen while

27 Feb 2016

App Spotlight – Battery Time Saver

Battery Time Saver & Optimizer Get in my time machine… Rewind everything back to about 2010. What was happening in the mobile arena back in 2010? Blackberry was doing great, there was no such thing as a Windows Phone, and Motorola had the Droid X ranking as the phone to

20 Feb 2016

How to Transfer Photos – Android Tips

If you need to transfer your photos from your Android device, we have you covered here. We have the basics as well as some advanced methods. Here is how you transfer photos from your Android device. Transfer photos directly to PC Though it’s not the most optimal of methods, a lot of people prefer

19 Feb 2016

App Spotlight – Rocket VPN – Internet Freedom

Rocket VPN – Internet Freedom What is a VPN and why should I care? Picture your internet connection as a large web of sorts. You pass information from your computer to other places on the internet through many different locations. Although this information is most often encrypted, at some point

18 Feb 2016

App Spotlight – The Cleaner

The Cleaner – Speed up & Clean Ah, yes… Android Cleaner apps come and go, each with different pluses and minuses hanging around their necks. Rarely do we step past the tried and tested. This app however made us question what we find so useful in a Cleaner in the

11 Feb 2016

Best Android Browsers: 7 Top Ways To Surf

Everyone has different criteria when trying to find the best Android browser. Some want the fastest, while others are looking for a browser that will consume as little data as possible. Here are the best Android browsers you can get, whatever features or experience you’re looking for. These are the

05 Feb 2016

Top 10 Weight Loss Apps For Android – February 2016

Losing weight is one of the aspects which gets talked about every year, at this time of year. If you are someone who is contemplating shredding a few pounds or if you are already in the process of doing so, then it is worth knowing that there are a number

05 Feb 2016

5 killer Google apps you haven’t tried yet

You’ve heard of Chrome, Google Maps, and YouTube, but did you know there are some incredible Google apps that don’t come pre-installed on Android devices? Read on to discover the best Google apps you might not be aware of. 1. Google Gesture Search: small gestures go a long way How

29 Oct 2015

Infographic: History Of Android Up To Android 6.0 Marshmallow

infographic courtesy of: mobilemadhouse.

26 Oct 2015

5 Best Marshmallow Features

INTRODUCTION Google has been successfully reiterating every release of Android annually, and man, is the hype reaching new limits! Google recently announced Android 6.0, code named Marshmallow, at its I/O conference. Since it is a whole new leap from its predecessor, Android 5.0 Lollipop, you expect it to be jam-packed