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Battery Time Saver & Optimizer


Get in my time machine…

Rewind everything back to about 2010. What was happening in the mobile arena back in 2010? Blackberry was doing great, there was no such thing as a Windows Phone, and Motorola had the Droid X ranking as the phone to beat in terms of battery life. It had a mind blowing 7.5 hours! This was tested by a now defunct section of Their standards were,  screen brightness to 40%, display never timed out, no Wi-Fi, bluetooth, GPS, or Sync, and turned off various plug-in support on the Web Browser. Batteries back then were pushing 1500 mAh at the higher end of the scale. Battery life was something to worry about for sure. Today however the same rates true but even with batteries rated at 20+ hours we still seem to be in the same pickle but it’s not just the display that is making phone stamina falter. Now we have Facebook syncs, more robust processors, higher pixel density, all sorts of apps vying for attention by playing in the background, and of course we have more demanding games. A big part of the charging debate is that we really don’t mind having to plug in every night but we would rather not have to. Recent trends have us complaining about only having one day of battery life!

In retrospect, things ain’t that bad

Going a step further, if we weren’t blessed to have those phones with giant batteries costing upwards of $600.00 dollars easy, then we still have the same problem. It isn’t our fault that we have to deal with more pixels and other battery draining apps. But we can do something about it.

Enter Battery Time Saver & Optimizer. 

The Lowdown

This app is made by a Dev who knows how to use design. Animations are minimal but purposeful, and we get to see a close approximation of how much time we have left based on current usage patterns.


Part of optimizing the phone deals with turning off Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Screen Brightness, and Auto-Sync. Now most of these things can be changed manually in Settings but it’s only here that we get a quantifiable way of seeing exactly how much our various settings are affecting our battery life.


It gives us the option to turn things off and it keeps them organized right under the circle icon.


Under the message center we get helpful tips and other information such as keeping apps updated so you can take advantage of their various optimizations, Partial Charging due to Lithium Polymer batteries having a lesser tolerance for full discharge and recharges. Vibrations are a no brainer in this case.


Under settings we get the option to have the app alert us at a certain level and also the radios that should be skipped when using the One-Tap Boost.


You can see the numbers change at the top as we go about switching the values of the icons in yellow. They stand for, Brightness, Screen Timeout, Sync, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi.


Are we noticing a trend here? The sheer ease of use. No gaudy icons or graphics, sensible composition, pleasing contrasting colors, you would think the dev had an eye for art.


The absolute best part of this was minimal advertisements. They simply didn’t annoy nearly as much as any of the other free apps for keeping track of utilities.


As we went through and tested this app we found the best feature was the differences we could see when changing settings. Had Google thought of this it would have been a winning feature in Marshmallow. When you see what the direct effect of your actions are, you tend to place more emphasis on your choices. Most of us run around with all of our radios on and we have our phone syncing every ten minutes with brightness maxed out at 5 minute time outs.  We forget our phone in our pocket and if you have one with an ambient display set to turn on every time your phone sense movement then you can pretty much guarantee it to lose quite a biy of battery just from being in your pocket as you run your errands. Our selection doesn’t throw things at you or suggest you go and rate it 5 stars if you like it. It lets you decide for yourself whether or not you like it. So far, with all of the other apps on the market, we have to agree that the overall charm is in its simplicity.

Get Battery Time Saver & Optimizer

In Short

Consider this:

  • One-Touch Battery Optimization
  • Power Consuming Apps get the boot
  • You have more time living your life

Now then…

Yes, we have come quite a long ways from the Samsung Epic 4G. Yes there have been many changes in technology that have made worrying about a battery secondary to call quality and data speeds. We are carrying around personal computers that fit in our pockets and no one remembers the last time they went out to buy AA batteries for anything other than a remote control. What hasn’t changed is the demand that we put on our devices. As the computing environment changed we needed faster processors, sharper displays, and more accurate GPS. All of these things create a power draw on your battery.

But understanding what something as small as disabling your haptic feedback does to your overall power level maybe it’ll inspire us to make little changes in other places beyond our phones. Then again, we never truly see the result of our actions until the very end. Even in bad situations, not to wax poetic but in the very worst times you want to have some means of communication.

Hopefully even in one of those bad situations we’re still around holding onto a phone that ain’t quite dead.

Get Battery Time Saver & Optimizer



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