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Ah, yes… Android Cleaner apps come and go, each with different pluses and minuses hanging around their necks. Rarely do we step past the tried and tested. This app however made us question what we find so useful in a Cleaner in the first place. There are the obvious features such as Cache Cleaning, Memory Cleaning, and Storage Cleaning, but most often we are plagued by apps that try to do it all. We end up with bloated applications that act as the entire starting lineup in a football game. While we understand that each player in the game should do something different and be very good at it, it can get somewhat scattered with redundant apps and a host of other problems that act as just another update that cuts into your data allotment.

What would be better than an app that takes care of the basics while also keeping things simple?

One with NO ADS.

Of course developers need to eat, of course they need to make some money in order to bring this content to us. But when we’re given suggestions for entire catagories of apps to download, intrusive splashpages, and the terribly placed ad bar at the bottom of the screen–which I am certain was meant for us to accidentally press as we navigate around–we get mad.

This one has Ads yes… but it does them the right way.

Quick Recap

Your smart phone is a mini computer. Anyone who tells you otherwise is selling something. This mini computer keeps things in memeory called RAM (Random Access Memory) so it can pull it up easier the next time you want to open the app. The problem happens when you jump around and hit up app after app. They sit in memory and rely on the Android Task Manager to kill them when needed. Each phone comes with a set amount of RAM. Low end phones have one or two gigabytes of ram. High end phones come with around three or four. This means they can multitask better. Each application will use a certain amount of megabytes of your RAM to stay in the background. The less memory your phone has the slower it gets as it has to allocate memory and probably kills tasks that aren’t used in the background in order to run system programs like your dialer or your messaging app. Some apps aren’t optimized for specific models of phones and they end up misbehaving in the background such as constantly starting or staying active when they really aren’t. This app takes care of those rogue processes for you.

While the Google Play Store is jam packed with many, many cleaning apps, we have one here that caters to a very large demographic. Those of us who want something that looks awesome, works fast, little or unobtrusive ads, free, has an option to buy, and sort of takes the best features of all the rest of them and puts them in one simple, small package.

Material Design

The application follows the principles of the current Android OS. It looks awesome to say the least. There are no flashy overhyped animations to fool you into thinking the app is doing so much more than what it’s meant to do. It has just the right amount of polish that doesn’t leave it looking like it tried really hard.


It comes with a RAM booster (called Game Booster) that optimizes the gaming apps (or regular apps that are resource intensive) that you want to run without background processes slowing them down. It’s simple and easy to add or subtract apps in this catagory. Some apps cannot be cleared but then again those wouldn’t be the ones causing the problems.


The second tab reveals the storage booster. Many times we’re left trying to scour our SD cards to see what’s taking up all the space. This app does this for you by listing what some would say would be the obvious space wasters at the top where you see them first. System and User App Caches come second.


This is a great feature, an app uninstaller. Some would say, “Well why do I need an app uninstaller? I can just go to settings and do it myself.” Yes, this is true. But if you have to uninstall apps after apps then that is going to take way too long. Being able to see the apps you need at a glance and BEING ABLE TO FILTER THEM… this is by far one of the best features.


After uninstalling around seventeen applications I was happy to get this report. Then I looked down and saw that half a gig or so was taken up by cached music. Sometimes you have to take the good with the bad.


Under settings you can check the type of notifications you get such as auto-scanning memory, suggesting apps to uninstall, and game booster notifications. The themes section was a great way to personalize it for yourself.


The involve IAP (In-App Purchases) but does that matter? When a developer gives you a great application with minimal apps and an already beautiful layout, purchasing IAP’s feels a lot like giving them a pat on the back or maybe buying them a beer.


If my rundown on the reasons for this wasn’t enough, install it anyway and read up on the FAQ’s.


Possibly the most important screenie ever.

Get The Cleaner – Speed up & Clean on Google Play

In short

Let’s go over the main points:

  • It optimizes device performance
  • It removes unneeded items and duplicates
  • It removes unused applications
  • It has a game booster
  • It uses very little storage (6Mb)

Now then…

There are a few deficiencies.

For one, there are no options for the power user who’s rooted their device and wants to eliminate system processes or prevent some apps from starting in the first place. But that’s just the issue. There are far more ordinary users who don’t go ripping out their phones guts or embark on installing custom recoveries like Clockwork or TWRP. For those users there are plenty of other options (Titanium Backup and Xposed to mention a few).

For the rest of us, the truth is… we just don’t have the time. We buy a new phone only for it to get bogged down by the six month mark due to simply using it the way it should be used. Why should this be a problem?

Here’s an answer:

Install this and that problem will stop. 

Get The Cleaner – Speed up & Clean on Google Play



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