01 Oct 2020

The 5 Best VoIP Softphone Apps

VoIP softphone apps are a saving grace for those who need multiple phone numbers, frequently make international calls, or just wince monthly at the sight of their cell phone bill. The acronym VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. As the name suggests, this technology allows users to make calls

14 Aug 2016

Wonder App of the Week: Does Not Commute for Android

“Ice cream man Hernandez is on his way to the general store to buy rodentcide.” I have no idea what that means exactly, but apparently it was part of daily life in 1970s America. At least that’s according to Does not Commute, a unique and fun little free puzzle game

30 Dec 2015

The Best Action Games for Android

Do you love playing games on your Android, but slow-paced simulation and puzzle games are putting you to sleep? Does the thought of another trivia game make you want to snap your phone in half? Are you somewhat entertained by RPGs but hate all the reading? Well, there’s no need

24 Dec 2015

The Best Free Android Games

Phone games used to be kind of a joke among gamers and developers. In the days before smartphones, you’d have Snake or maybe Tetris or Solitaire on your flip phone if you were really lucky. Those games were fine to kill a few minutes here and there, but they weren’t

18 Dec 2015

The Best Insurance Apps for Android (in the U.K.)

Unlike their neighbors across the pond, U.K. citizens don’t have to worry about obtaining health insurance from private companies (although they can do so if they wish). However, car insurance is required for any motorist driving around the U.K., and in recent years homeowner’s insurance has become increasingly competitive in

16 Dec 2015

The Best Real Estate Apps for Android

So you’ve spent years saving, researching, and planning and now you’re finally ready to a buy a home. Congratulations! This is a huge step in life. Now comes the hard part: Actually figuring out what you want to buy. There are a lot of factors to consider when purchasing a

13 Dec 2015

The Best Paid Android Games

One of the unexpected things about gaming on smartphones is how the “freemium” model of selling games has exploded. The vast majority of games on Android don’t cost a dime to download, and a lot of them are quite good. But nothing is truly free in life, and most of

12 Dec 2015

The Best Marijuana Dispensary Apps for Android

While marijuana remains illegal to possess at the federal level in the United States (and probably will remain that way for the foreseeable future), there has been a massive shift in recent years in the way individual states treat marijuana possession. It is now legal to possess and use marijuana

09 Dec 2015

The Best Insurance Apps for Android (in the U.S.)

Insurance is a part of life in the United States. It’s not a fun part of life, but like death, taxes and Rocky movies, it’s inevitable. Whether you own a home or rent, you need some sort of insurance to protect your valuables. Car insurance is required in almost every

02 Nov 2015

Reviewing Microsoft Office Apps on Android

Windows Phones lack a lot of the apps and features of my beloved Android, but when the Windows Phone 7 first launched in 2010, I was intrigued enough by its Xbox integration and Office features to try it out as my work phone. What I found was a competent smartphone,