23 Jan 2016

Best Cloud Storage Apps

Best Cloud Storage Apps When we think about some of the things that determine what the Best Cloud Storage Apps should be we typically think about the amount of storage that we get free of charge. As we looked through the contenders, we recall what an important person said once

23 Jan 2016

Best Apps for Wedding Planning

Best Apps for Wedding Planning Being able to conduct a symphony while balancing plates and hopping on one leg while blindfolded seems to approximate what it’s like to plan a wedding. According to realsimple.com, “To plan the perfect celebration, use this comprehensive wedding checklist, with a timeline based on the

22 Jan 2016

Best Apps for Selling your Old Stuff

Best Apps for Selling your Old Stuff Just the other day we were sitting around brainstorming about what it was we were going to focus on and we kept tripping over old Hard Disk Drives that were laying next to our desk along with old Compact Discs and various electronic

21 Jan 2016

Best Road Trippin’ Apps

Roadtrip! There doesn’t ever seem to be a situation where you might actually need to find applications on your phone that could help with the trip. The main cause of this is because we tend to never make time for the trip and when we do we sort of blindly

16 Jan 2016

7 Sinful Apps to Hide Sizzling Photos

7 Sinful Apps to Hide Sizzling Photos Apps to Hide Sizzling Photos? Why would we even need such a thing when we have our phones secured in our pockets? (“But…I don’t even do that…that…that stuff!” Cue eyeroll) It would seem that everyone thinks about doing it at some point. “Let’s take

13 Jan 2016

Need TV Show Tracking Apps?

Do I Need A TV Show Tracking App? Sitting here… The clock ticks… I’m trying to fall asleep but my 10 cup coffee habit isn’t letting me… I saw a great show advertised the other night but… I can’t remember what day of the week it was supposed to air…

15 Dec 2015

Best Data Monitoring Apps

Best Data Monitoring Apps There are tons of apps for the smallest details in our lives. But many of those details don’t matter. What we had for lunch yesterday… really only matters to us. Something else that only matters to us is our data allowances. If we get charged for another GB

07 Dec 2015

Best World War II Games on Android

Many youngsters won’t remember the advancements in First Person Shooters stemming from Doom and Wolfenstein 3D. I would wager most only think of Call of Duty or Battlefield. So, for those that don’t know, historical shooters started in the 90’s. They continued to get better and better. Then for some reason…they

05 Dec 2015

Best History Apps for Learning

Best History Apps Sitting here thinking about what I did yesterday I’m drawing a blank. I can’t seem to remember anything. Then why do I remember that at some point Coca-Cola had actual cocaine in side of it? Or why do I remember that Final Fantasy was the literally the

04 Dec 2015

Best Audiobook Apps for a Hectic Life

Best Audiobook Apps for a Hectic Life! I keep looking at one particular book on my bookshelf that I cannot quite bring myself to concentrate enough to read. It was R.A. Salvatore’s Homeland, part of the Dark Elf series. If you don’t know what that is, it’s about an subterranean