24 Oct 2015

Best Android Dating apps: 5 ways to break the Ice

Best Android Dating Apps? What is approach anxiety? He glances at you with a look that you could interpret as “flirty,” but you aren’t so sure. Your hands are clammy, you feel faint. Do you talk to him? Do you nod and smile? What do you do? Millions of us

21 Oct 2015

Phone as a PC Remote: How-to Guide for Android

Phone as a PC Remote? How can that be possible? You just finished setting up that brand new fancy Smart TV but your Internet Provider has a “slow-as-molasses-in-January” connection or you have a hard data cap, what to do? We have an apps that that can turn your phone into

19 Oct 2015

Monster Phone Reviews: Pocket or Padfolio?

Monster Phone Reviews As we start to migrate from our living room television sets to our on-the-go mobile life (HBOGO, Netflix, Hulu+, etc) we often hear the same frustration, “My screen is so small”. Spying those same people on the daily commute—holding tiny phones with 3.5” screens a foot away from