06 Apr 2015

20 Most Downloaded Android Apps of All Time

Since the introduction of the Play Store in 2012, more than a billion android devices have registered and downloaded the top 400 applications for more than 10 million times. Unlike other android app stores, Play store is inbuilt into every android OS, therefore allowing secure installs and access to app

04 Apr 2015

5 Great Fitness Apps You Should Work Out With

Do you sometimes wish you had more time to exercise and get fitter? The bane of our lifestyle is we are just too busy to find time to work out. With more and more jobs involving long hours sitting in front of a computer, physical activity has become a necessity

04 Apr 2015

Protect Your Family with These 5 Home Security Apps

Home Safe Home The recent advancements in technology and smart devices have improved the way we maintain security and monitor our houses. Video surveillance systems and home automation systems that work intelligently with cloud based applications provide up to date information along with live feeds from installed cameras. All this

02 Apr 2015

PhotoMath: Solve Any Math Problem with this Smart Camera Calculator

Math’s is obviously one of the hardest subjects in school. Some students just don’t get the complex algebraic equations without external help.  Therefore calculators and other mathematics aids have become a necessity to properly understand the fundamentals. Fortunately technology is revolutionizing the way students learn. Visual representation of graphs and

30 Mar 2015

On a Good Wicket: 5 Apps to Follow Cricket When You’re on the Move

Beyond the Boundary This cricket season, having the best cricket apps with you is highly essential to stay informed of the latest updates. There are dozens of cricket apps on the play store but only a few provide up-to-date information or the most comprehensive coverage. Most apps tend to collect

28 Mar 2015

All Clear: Try These 5 Great Alternatives to Clean Master

The Cleanup Job The Android Play Store is overflowing with apps that optimize and clean your devices. Unfortunately only a few have garnered reputation equivalent to Clean Master. With more than 400 million active users, it boasts of features that are hardly found in other cleaning applications. It not only

27 Mar 2015

7 Android Apps Every Entrepreneur Should Be Using

‘App’solutely Awesome Entrepreneurship calls for a high level of efficiency apart from many other critical traits. This efficiency is often a result of daily habits and productivity hacks that keeps founders ahead of the competition. It is crucial for them to remain updated about market conditions while tracking all necessary

27 Mar 2015

Be Prepared: 5 Android Apps You Must Have in Case of Emergency

When Calamity Strikes The unpredictable nature of most emergencies often puts us in dangerous situations. But today’s technology has come far enough to inform, alert, secure and guide us through dangerous situation, if we happen to face any. Emergencies may come in the form of environmental or circumstantial problems. Therefore

25 Mar 2015

10 Android Apps to Get Your Productivity Back on Track

Productivity apps are dime a dozen these days with app stores flooding with new ones every day, each one claiming to turn you more productive. Regardless of the number of features or interface the developers embed into their apps, the only factors that determine their success is their usability and

19 Mar 2015

Feeling Lost? The Best Android Apps for Maps and Navigation

 One for the Road Navigation has significantly changes since the introduction of aerial mapping on smartphones. Android, being one of the highly customizable mobile operating systems, allows its developers to utilize nearly every aspect of the device to create feature filled mapping applications. With the right apps, you can instantly