31 Oct 2015

All You Need To Hack Into An Android Phone Is A Seriously Long Passcode

Many Android users were enraged in mid-September when a flaw in Android’s fifth operating system Lollipop that enables people to easily bypass passcodes was discovered. Although few Android users use passcodes to protect their phones, they are often billed as the most secure option as you can set long, intricate

19 Oct 2015

Khan Academy Is Now Available On Android

Since it’s launch in 2006, non-profit educational organisation Khan Academy has been working towards providing education to everyone with Internet access. Now, after years of anticipation, Khan Academy has released an Android App that allows users to learn on the go, whether you’re in the office or sat on your

21 Sep 2015

9 Best Alarm Clock Apps For Android

Waking up in the morning can feel like an unbearably tough challenge for many of us, particularly if you’re not a morning person. These apps, all available for free on Google Play, will aid you in your daily battle to be awake! Alarmy (Sleep If You Can) Where traditional alarms

07 Sep 2015

The 18 Weirdest Android Apps

There are hundreds of practical, valuable and brilliant apps available on Google Play, ranging from efficient personal assistant apps to addictive and enjoyable games. However, not ever obtainable app is useful and functional, in fact some of them are just plain weird. Spoonr Known as the ‘Tinder For Cuddling’, Spoonr

10 Aug 2015

10 Of The Best Web Browsers For Android

There are absolutely loads of web browsers available on Android, so it can be difficult to find one that fulfils your needs. Most people will simply stick with the web browser that comes preloaded with the handset, but if you’d like to try something different (and possibly better), then here