Be Prepared: 5 Android Apps You Must Have in Case of Emergency

When Calamity Strikes

The unpredictable nature of most emergencies often puts us in dangerous situations. But today’s technology has come far enough to inform, alert, secure and guide us through dangerous situation, if we happen to face any. Emergencies may come in the form of environmental or circumstantial problems. Therefore it is always better to accompany yourself with at least 5 apps that can help you in case of any emergency. Here is the list of top 5 emergency apps for Android.

ICE(In Case Of Emergency)

Image : ICE

Image : ICE

Information about you can greatly help rescuers and doctors. Therefore this app provides a useful interface to store all details about you and your important contacts so that rescuers can doctors can help you. Its features include storing information about medications, diseases, other health information, important contacts, emergency notification feature to sms your preset contact list with exact GPS location etc. Its unique algorithms also determines people who are closest to you and informs them with all relevant information so that they can take necessary steps to reach you or help you.

Download ICE for your Android device here

Disaster Readiness Apps

Image : American Red Cross

Image : American Red Cross

Depending on our geographical location, we face any of the major natural disasters.  The Disaster Readiness apps provide all relevant information about ways to deal with such scenarios. Download these apps if the region you live in is prone to any of these scenarios. These apps are monitored by the Red Cross and provide minute by minute details about natural happening in all over the world. There are numerous other disaster readiness apps on the Play Store. Browse through them and select the one you would need the most to remain updated and informed in case of natural emergencies.

Download apps for Earthquakes, Hurricanes, Tornados, and Wildfires

First Aid

Image : First Aid App

Image : First Aid App

One of the most appreciated apps for android provides all relevant information about first aid in case of any danger or accidents. It was featured in numerous ranking for its informative content. It is also monitored by the Red Cross and contains databases full of information relating to nearly all cases of emergencies. Moreover, it works offline by downloading the whole information database to your SD card. Therefore, you can access all relevant information even when there is no network connectivity.

Download First Aid here.


Image : bSafe

Image : bSafe

This is the most recommended safety alarm that tracks your GPS location and provides all necessary details to a list of contacts that you had previously selected. Its effectiveness has won it numerous accolades. It sends SOS messages to all selected contacts and all you have to do is tap the red emergency button. It also has automatic alarms that can be triggered based on conditions and timers set by the user. Along with the above, it also features a fake Phone call option that can be automated, which may sometimes help you extricate yourself from a dangerous situation.

Download bSafe here

React mobile

Image : React Mobile

Image : React Mobile

This is another emergency app that turns your phone into a powerful safety and alerting device. It works just like bSafe but adds numerous other functionalities to make it even better. It lets its users to notify their family or even let them safely assist you while travelling. Along with SOS messages, it also informs all possible through social media like Facebook and twitter. The shield on top of it pops up an option to call 911 allowing you to alert the authorities in case of an emergency. Its most unique feature is the Follow Me button that allows people from your contact list to remain in constant contact with you while you are travelling. Moreover, the app automatically records all background noise and video and syncs it to its severe case of some serious problems.

Download React mobile here.


We never know when we may face grave dangers that may threaten our very lives. Therefore it is always better to be ready for whatever comes. In case you don’t want to overcrowd your device, you can download these apps as APK files. The APK files can be stored in your memory card just like other files and can be installed whenever you need them. Each of the above app has unique features that provide an additional method to avoid or recover from disasters. Keep them with you even if you don’t need them always.

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