Best Android Apps for Cat Owners

The other day we were sitting on YouTube looking at videos when a co-worker of ours asked us to do a search for something with cats. We went to the page and realized something not entirely new. The world loves cats. For some reason, cat owners are given a bad rap especially if they happen to be single men but on the Internet they reign supreme. Videos of cats dancing, memes of cats expounding on everyday human problems, and the obligatory cute kitties propagating our friends’ Facebook walls say all there needs to be said. How might we move some of the celebrity status afforded their online brethren to our humble family felines? If we could figure that out then perhaps it wouldn’t be so much an issue to be single and own a cat.

Fact remains, sometimes animals make better friends than those around us. There’s something extremely likable about an animal who doesn’t have much a concept of right or wrong, who is always ready to listen to you, and genuinely enjoys your company. It’s that innocence that exists in them that doesn’t care how you look, what you do for a living, or all of those idiosyncratic things most people find very, very, very annoying. It’s like having a child, only better as they don’t seem to take everything you have and run out the door at 18 (Hopefully). They will never become mean-spirited or reflect your parenting in ways you can never deny. Some people would go so far as to say they are the best of both worlds.

What we have here is a collection of essential apps for the cat owner in you.


11pets: Pet Care

[Price: Free]

To start we add a pet. Seems pretty simple right? It is. The next part isn’t so easy. It requires a little bit of work from you regarding the information you would need for breed, gender, birthday, color, markings, as well as registration and license data. From there we have the option of giving insurance information and contact info from previous owners–if any. Looking into the schedule we have a slew of options from teeth, to ears, to hair, to nails, and internal deworming to name a few. These are all there to serve as a reminder to get them done. Daily care and medical both have their own set of items that may be of some importance. It’s difficult to keep track of our own healthcare at times. If that’s you then you’re gonna need this.


pet apps_0000_Brightness_Contrast 1 copy

Vet Dictionary

Veterinary Dictionary

[Price: Free with in-app purchases]

Android developer Farlex states: “Search tens of thousands of terms in a comprehensive and authoritative dictionary of veterinary medicine, including entries on large and small animals, anatomy, illnesses, symptoms, treatment methods, tests and procedures, plus images and more.”

The description could not be more succinct. When we entered something as simple as “Cancer” we were given so many options to choose from. The results skirted us away to an online information website that acted as the repository for the app itself. We were given a definition, then additional information revolving around our search query. Anyone needing to understand their animal’s condition, treatment, medicine, and prognosis a little more would do well to get this today.


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pet symptom checker

petMD Symptom Checker

[Price: Free]

To start we were given a choice between having a dog and a cat. In this instance we chose dog. From the next screen we could choose from general groups in categories such as: skin and hair coat, behavior, head neck and nose, ears, eyes, and mouth and teeth. We were then able to select relevant symptoms under the specific category we picked. It then gave us a number of related articles to read up on the possible causes. The next step allowed us to read up on our pet’s condition in detail. The worst problem with pets and children is not knowing what’s wrong with them. This app helps to cut our worry short with our pets by giving us some idea of how to proceed.


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petfirst aid

Pet First Aid – Red Cross

[Price: Free]

We’ve covered this application in one of our previous posts dealing with First Aid Apps and we revisit this again when talking about the health of your animal. First, we’re given the option of choosing Dog or Cat. Under the sidebar we have, learn, prepare, emergency, quizzes, pets, and info. Emergency is what we assume most of us would be looking at when we have to pull this up. You choose a situation and the first aid to be administered comes up next with related links. Keeping your veterinarian or animal hospital’s number as the first thing you see is a great idea. Being able to test your knowledge after reading in the quizzes is another.


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catbreedsCat Breeds

[Price: Free]

There is no shortage of ways for us to find our breed of cat. While most of us have no idea what breed we have it’s always fun to look through the various breeds in case you do want to a little research or if you plan on getting another cat in the near future. All sources are stated in the info tab. What is interesting is they’ve gone through the trouble of looking up and graphing five key personality traits: activeness, intelligence, curiosity, friendliness, and vocal levels.


pet apps_0002_Photo Filter 1


[Price: Free]

Another type of identification and breed lookup for our cats because one was not enough. We believe strongly in finding information from a variety of sources. The information sourced for this application comes from Wikipedia. There is a wealth of information to be had when reading through the various entries with several spaces below filled of owners who have uploaded pictures of their animal.


pet apps_0003_Photo Filter 2


While most of us can be split between camps as a Dog Person or a Cat Person the end result is the same. Our animals give us unconditional love and loyalty that can never be found in our human counterparts no matter the person be they spouse, child, or parent. As such, we owe it to them to make sure they have the best chance of living a long and healthy life.

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