Best Android Apps for Dog Owners

Dogs are known as our best friends for a reason. They love unconditionally and are pretty loyal as long as you give them the same treatment. They can also serve as an aggressive protector–if you find the right breed. But like anything else, if you decide to take them into your family they come with their own set of requirements. We’re not talking about going out and buying your dog organic chicken breasts and making rice pilaf but we are talking about general upkeep in making sure your friend will continue to stay healthy, happy, and a part of your life for a very long time.

Speaking of time, let’s take “Dog Years” out of the equation and look at brass tacks. The average dog will live to be anywhere from 10-13 years old. That is a very long time to keep anyone around who isn’t family much less a dog. Most marriages don’t even last that long. What does that mean for us? That means there is an extended period of responsibility where you have to serve as all those things they require. A friend, a parent, a caretaker, and a leader. While we aren’t going to get into dog training we will cover the biggest issues we run into being a dog parent.

Vet Dictionary

Veterinary Dictionary

[Price: Free with in-app purchases]

Android developer Farlex states, “Search tens of thousands of terms in a comprehensive and authoritative dictionary of veterinary medicine, including entries on large and small animals, anatomy, illnesses, symptoms, treatment methods, tests and procedures, plus images and more.” 

The description could not be more succinct. When we entered something as simple as “Cancer” we were given so many options to choose from. The results skirted us away to an online information website that acted as the repository for the app itself. We were given a definition, then additional information revolving around our search query. Anyone needing to understand their animal’s condition, treatment, medicine, and prognosis a little more would do well to get this today.


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pet symptom checker

petMD Symptom Checker

[Price: Free]

To start we were given a choice between having a dog and a cat. In this instance we chose dog. From the next screen we could choose from general groups in categories such as: skin and hair coat, behavior, head neck and nose, ears, eyes, and mouth and teeth. We were then able to select relevant symptoms under the specific category we picked. It then gave us a number of related articles to read up on the possible causes. The next step allowed us to read up on our pet’s condition in detail. The worst problem with pets and children is not knowing what’s wrong with them. This app helps to cut our worry short with our pets by giving us some idea of how to proceed.


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nutripet dog

NutriPetDog, Dog Nutrition

[Price: Free]

Nutripet Dog bills itself as a way to keep track of the specific nutrition plan your dog may have. As some of us know, living with a lifelong condition causes many of us to have to change the way we eat. If you happen to have a dog that lives with diabetes for example, keeping track of the animal’s feeding time, diet, and other pertinent information is vital to the longevity of your furry family member.


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[Price: Free]

This app is brought to us by Petsie and features over 450 different dog breeds and thereby being one of the largest collections of information on the Google Play Store. In each breed section we have pictures that users and others have uploaded from their own personal collection or for use as wallpapers as well as all the pertinent information that goes along with each particular breed. What is interesting is that it contains a hub for registered users too.


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[Price: Free]

After choosing the dog in the first picture we can look into seeing what exactly certain plants and foods serve as poisons for our pets. Most of this information can be taken as thus, “What’s bad for you is gonna be bad for him/her.” There are a few gray areas in regard to foods and medications however and knowing those gray areas is important. Some poisonous substances that can be found under household and warm weather hazards are surprising. Much like having to baby proof your household it would be a great idea to take a look at this and hold onto it for reference.


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11pets: Pet Care

[Price: Free]

To start we add a pet. Seems pretty simple right? It is. The next part isn’t so easy. It requires a little bit of work from you regarding the information you would need for breed, gender, birthday, color, markings, as well as registration and license data. From there we have the option of giving insurance information and contact info from previous owners–if any. Looking into the schedule we have a slew of options from teeth, to ears, to hair, to nails, and internal deworming to name a few. These are all there to serve as a reminder to get them done. Daily care and Medical both have their own set of items that may be of some importance. It’s difficult to keep track of our own healthcare at times. If that’s you then you’re gonna need this.


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Dogs get the title for being our best friends. They understand our pain and come to nuzzle us after a bout of crying. They get depressed and miss us after an extended leave. They live a life that doesn’t have the same stresses as ours. There are no bosses to please, no children to feed, no bills to pay, and no real moral code they should live by. Dogs are children in their purest form. They live a life of innocence and only really look forward to spending time with you, their human. Having to name one person that is going to do that regardless of what you feel like, what you look like, and what you sometimes smell like–hopefully roses–is an impossibility. It would be great to return the favor by keeping them healthy and happy.

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