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Best Android Apps for Managing Diabetes

Best Apps for Managing Diabetes

There is a lot of confusion about what Diabetes affects or how it ends up working on our body. The general premise is that the person with Diabetes is either insulin dependent or they can manage it with careful attention to blood glucose levels and various medications such as Metformin. The biggest misconception about this condition is that it is all sugar related. Sugar by itself can be defined as a simple carbohydrate. Carbohydrates are further refined into glucose in the body. This is a form of energy in addition to fat and protein. The problem happens when the body either cannot make the needed chemicals to bring that glucose level into balance after a meal, or the body produces so much insulin that they become hypoglycemic or afflicted with low blood sugar. This brings into a big concern, especially for those of us who were only diagnosed with this days, weeks, or months ago. How do we go on from here and try to remember all of the things we must do in order to stay healthy and stay on top of our diabetes? How do we live with this condition when all we want to do sometimes is lay in bed with a Pepsi and put a pillow over our heads while we nosh on a big slice of chocolate cake. Fingersticks aren’t the hard part. The hard part, as many of us who suffer from diabetes know is having to constantly ask ourselves how will this affect my diabetes? Exercise, food, even water can play a big role in how we live with this disease. Thankfully there are resources available to us. We have here the Best Apps for Managing Diabetes.


Diabetes Drugs Dictionary

Around the home the number one question that we get asked by those we know who live with us–with diabetes of course–is “what is _______________ and what does it do?” Whether they are trying to isolate their side effects or whether they need to know more about what they are specifically going to encounter using their prescribed medications, this app holds a plethora of information.


Reading the drug facts one time might not be enough to get everything down. With the amount of information written about each drug it would be a great idea of have this around to refer back to when needed.


Get Diabetes Drugs Dictionary on Google Play


Diabetes Self-Management

There are certain magazines that can’t be found at the grocery aisle. Depending on where you live it might not even be available at the bookstore. For those of us that live in rural areas where help is sporadic at best, we don’t have to continue to lose out important literature that’s out there. Diabetic Cooking is just one area of the magazine, Diabetes Self-Management. There are sections that help those struggling with the condition in their everyday life. Using a larger device such as a tablet is encouraged.



Get Diabetes Self-Management on Google Play




MySugr Diabetes Logbook

Some of us are able to use analog methods of keeping track of our habits and daily measurements when it comes to Diabetes. While writing with a pencil on a notepad is a wonderful way to see your numbers and record your findings in hard copy, being able to do the same while also backing it up in the cloud might be a better way especially if you are having a hard time remembering where you put things. The layout is charming, records are kept neat and simple, references to past numbers and records is handled very easily. It even has a way of notifying you for various appointments and such.



Get MySugr Diabetes Logbook on Google Play


Diabetes Forum

Keeping a positive attitude about living with Diabetes is one of the hardest things to do for those with the condition. When meals seem to keep making your blood sugar spike and when the weight doesn’t seem to be coming off it can make you feel miserable. The problem is compounded when you are the only one that’s dealing with it. It helps to join a community of like-minded individuals who have also been in your shoes at one time or another. Asking questions is fun and you get feedback that matters. You may even make a few friends here.



Get Diabetes Forum on Google Play




Audiobook – Diabetes

This being an audiobook is an added bonus but the real importance of the app is found in the content. For those who have been newly diagnosed and still have questions about the condition this is a very good way of starting out on living with Diabetes. It has information on prevention, dieting, glucose control, exercise, and symptoms.



Get Audiobook – Diabetes on Google Play


Recipes for Diabetes

One of the main components for handling Diabetes is what one chooses to eat. While some advocate cutting carbohydrates completely, there are those who feel better management of carbohydrates and choosing complex over simple is enough. What many of us do not understand though is many of the ingredients that we use during the cooking process actually makes the food a little less healthy for those of us who have limited pancreatic function. Understanding how to cook for yourself while you have Diabetes is tantamount to living a wholesome life. As with most recipe books, taking ideas away from the text is a good rule to follow even if you don’t go exactly by the book.



Get Recipes for Diabetes on Google Play



Diabetes is never good news. When was the last time anyone ever told you that they were happy they have to constantly do the job of their bodies in regulating their blood sugar? It’s unheard of. One on hand we can succumb to the depression after learning we have Diabetes or we can choose to think positively. Perhaps your Diabetes is mainly due to excess body fat. Just by learning you have Diabetes and understanding that you can no longer put of losing weight, you have reason to be healthy and you do lose the weight. If you are insulin dependent then being able to counsel and empathize with those just starting out also means a whole lot. Things may be bad but they aren’t impossible and as a wise person once said, they can always be worse.


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