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Best Apps for Married Couples

Best Apps for Married Couples

Best Apps for Married Couples… Normally it may seem that most writing pieces dealing with relationships would start off by giving statistics that while accurate are certainly not helpful. Who wants to read something that tells you upfront that over half of all marriages end in ruin?


Having basically being married for the last year or so I take this personal. I know that I wouldn’t want to hear how much the odds are stacked against me. Doubtless, most of us reading this who HAVE also proposed to someone special already know the risks and Return On Investment (ROI).

So I had to ask myself, rather than focusing on the ways we can deal with the problem I came up with a novel approach.

Why not sit down and consider the ways we can reconnect with our significant other?

What ends up happening is, with all of the things that start to cloud our minds (e.g. bills, kids, school, other stressors) there remains little to no time to devote to the real killer of relationships: Lack of meaningful and targeted communication.

So then let us work in the confines of that idea that we have no time.

what does this mean to the average person? If you happen to be married and can’t remember the last time you and your spouse made passionate love or if you don’t remember going out on a date for something OTHER than the Dinner & Movie standby then make sure you bookmark this page. Because instead of sitting here and giving you stupid advice that doesn’t matter to your specific situation not to mention stupid advice that every OTHER relationship site seems to spout…here you are.


Note: We are not a relationship site but in the realm of technology relationships often get neglected and we want you to be able to work with what you got regardless of the limitations you believe you have.

Bliss – The Game for Lovers

This made the top app for married couples in our list because… after all… what’s more important than intimacy? With all of the airbrushed models in the media and unrealistic sexual surrogates in adult film, when do we ever practice looking at our spouses with lust? Sex is a very healthy part of the relationship and cannot be stressed enough! It’s one that builds trust as well as works to release feel good chemicals like Oxytocin to make both partners feel good about being loved.

Get Bliss – The Game for Lovers on Google Play


Conversation Starters

Living day to day with bills, children, and the constant grind we get too wrapped up in discussing remedial topics. At some point we lose touch with our lovers. When is the last time you had a good conversation about things other than the usual? This app is going to help you think of more to discuss than the weather.



Apps4Married Couples_0022_Screenshot_2016-01-12-15-39-07.png

Get Conversation Starters on Google Play


Couple – Relationship App

The topic of what to tell or what not to tell in regards to couples usually isn’t a question after marriage. The problem is when we don’t put in the effort to work together and know what each other is feeling, thinking, or planning. This doesn’t happen overnight. It takes a long time to drift apart. Being able to share one another’s thoughts in the moment in something other than text messages or a phone call when short on time is great. This app does all of that and more.

Apps4Married Couples LAST_0000_Screenshot_2016-01-12-22-39-09.png

“An intimate place for two. Keep all your moments private & make your memories last forever… Touch through your phones using Thumbkiss, or draw together in real-time… Share photos, videos, voice messages, sketches, stickers, your location, and more!

Apps4Married Couples LAST_0001_Screenshot_2016-01-12-22-39-24.png

“Use the shared calendar, to-do lists, and reminders to help you stay organized… Search for restaurants and night life nearby. Broadcast your location live to meet up… Send your partner self-destructing photos, or hidden images for their eyes only…

Apps4Married Couples LAST_0002_Screenshot_2016-01-12-22-39-18.png

Express yourself using sketches, thinking of you’s, or one of hundreds of fun stickers.

Get Couple – Relationship App on Google Play


Date Night

Among the top tier of apps for married couples is this one right here. If asked what kept the relationship alive after so many years, many people would say that making time to spend together is the most important. This means more than going to dinner and a movie. It means getting creative about making memories. If creativity is something you need to work on then take a few pointers from this app.

Apps4Married Couples_0015_Screenshot_2016-01-12-15-31-44.png

To start, the moon remains blank until an internet connection is available… when one’s in range, you get the choice between staying at home, going out or taking a splurge in either money or time… the first can be as simple as a movie marathon on the couch…

Apps4Married Couples_0016_Screenshot_2016-01-12-15-35-18.png

Taking the next route, going out, we have two events… exploring downtown and country dancing… you are given the chance to either thumbs up or thumbs down… like Pandora you won’t see the thumbs down once you dislike an activity…

Apps4Married Couples_0018_Screenshot_2016-01-12-15-37-33.png

Some of the activities that we saw other than those listed were… Spa day, where you and your wife or husband take an afternoon off and visit the spa for pampering… another was volunteering together at an event… and this one here was really nice… make a song that the two of you sing…

Get Date Night on Google Play


Bucket List

Why would this be on this collection? Simply put, spending your life with one another is going to give the two of you the chance to accomplish those things you previously thought impossible. Taking this one step further, you could work on this list in private, then swap phones and look over each other’s lists to see if you can do them together. This creates a bond and also reveals to each other what is really important in each others lives. Being able to be present when your wife or husband finally makes those dreams happen is a rare thing that can’t be overstated.

Apps4Married Couples_0023_Screenshot_2016-01-12-15-41-26.png

It may seem simple at first but the complexity is all taken care of by what you write in it… it functions the way a list should function…

Get Bucket List on Google Play


It’s an ever evolving gig

Marriage isn’t easy. If you aren’t afraid of some of the work, the rewards are more than worth it. It takes dedication to carve out time in our busy lives to make room for those who make room for us. These apps make it possible to connect in unique and interesting ways never before possible.


Just remember when you do get together face-to-face…

Turn your phone off.

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