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Best Apps for Wedding Planning

Best Apps for Wedding Planning

Being able to conduct a symphony while balancing plates and hopping on one leg while blindfolded seems to approximate what it’s like to plan a wedding. According to, “To plan the perfect celebration, use this comprehensive wedding checklist, with a timeline based on the 16-month length of the average U.S. engagement.” That doesn’t leave a whole lot of time to make sure things are the way you want them. Regardless of your budget, the event will come down to your efforts and the manner in which you plan them. Are your plans getting done in a timely manner? Are the details delegated to vendors that know what you need when you need it? Should you hire another person to help plan the wedding with you? It all starts with a list ladies. Write everything down and prioritize it. Or let us help you with our list of Best Apps for Wedding Planning.



All you need to do first is head over to Google Play.


LadyMarry Wedding Planner

There are no shortage of Wedding Planning apps on the Play Store. This one however caught our eye in you can pick up where you left off on Desktop or Tablets as well. Not only that it also happens to educate you along with way without sounding too formal. If you need something that’s easy to use and very straightforward then by all means give this one a go.

wedding planner_0006_Screenshot_2016-01-13-21-50-18.png wedding planner_0007_Screenshot_2016-01-13-21-50-27.png wedding planner_0008_Screenshot_2016-01-13-21-51-41.png wedding planner_0009_Screenshot_2016-01-13-21-51-56.png

Get LadyMarry Wedding Planner on Google Play


Our Wedding Planner

Just like the previous entry, Our Wedding Planner also allows you complete control over the entire wedding process, from tasks to guests, to budgeting. It was the robust options geared toward the monetary side of a wedding. All expenses get accounted for with this entry for those who need to stay well within their budget. The to-do is very long and took us by surprise, apparently there is so much more than we originally thought that goes into planning a wedding. This app helps you keep everything organized.

wedding planner_0000_Screenshot_2016-01-13-21-46-26.png wedding planner_0001_Screenshot_2016-01-13-21-46-45.png wedding planner_0002_Screenshot_2016-01-13-21-47-46.png wedding planner_0003_Screenshot_2016-01-13-21-48-19.png wedding planner_0004_Screenshot_2016-01-13-21-48-53.png wedding planner_0005_Screenshot_2016-01-13-21-49-52.png

Get Our Wedding Planner on Google Play


Wedding Planner And Checklist

Cute describes the third entry in our wedding planning apps. The layout is in a cartoonish style with notepaper as the background, giving it a very organic feel. Of the last two apps, this one here has a very strong list format for tasks that have to get done. In case you seemingly don’t see your specific situation within those long lists you can add to the checklist in a few deft swipes of your thumb. Being able to visualize your wedding dress and shop for similar items was a big plus for us.

wedding planner_0010_Screenshot_2016-01-13-21-52-18.png wedding planner_0011_Screenshot_2016-01-13-21-52-45.png wedding planner_0012_Screenshot_2016-01-13-21-53-33.png wedding planner_0013_Screenshot_2016-01-13-21-53-55.png wedding planner_0014_Screenshot_2016-01-13-21-54-35.png wedding planner_0015_Screenshot_2016-01-13-21-55-15.png wedding planner_0016_Screenshot_2016-01-13-21-55-39.png

Get Wedding Planner And Checklist on Google Play


WedMeGood – Wedding Planner

The only wedding app that likes to have you look into the reasons for why they suggest a certain item or service. When the laundry list of things to do seem to be easier by cutting a few things you may want to take a look into the articles section of this app to see why those things are important enough to have be mentioned. You get examples from real weddings as well as modeled ideas for your own.

wedding planner_0017_Screenshot_2016-01-13-21-56-33.png wedding planner_0018_Screenshot_2016-01-13-21-56-44.png wedding planner_0019_Screenshot_2016-01-13-21-57-38.png

Get WedMeGood Wedding Planner on Google Play


The References


No wedding planner would be complete without a humongous three-ring binder of catalog clippings, pictures, and other items for mock-ups or help in illustrating their point. For you, it might be much like a scrapbook of sorts. However, lugging around a huge book of loose-leaf paper is a toil in itself. Our solution is not only do we get rid of the book but we take our inspiration to a nice assortment of just the things you want to look at for ideas. They are assembled here and the best part is they get right to the point and happen to be made by the same developer so you know things are consistent.


Wedding Cakes Ideas

We started off the references with the wedding cake. Nothing is more important than the wedding cake save for the bride and groom of course. Although it ends up in your tummy, no one is saying that it has to look like you baked it yourself or that it was bought from Safeway. With that in mind, it is easy to be a little scared when it comes to making a decision. That’s why this app is a great way to start things off, it gives you ideas in various galleries as well as teaches how to go about ordering your own and customized various elements in the cake.

wedding planner LAST_0000_Screenshot_2016-01-14-00-18-14.png wedding planner LAST_0001_Screenshot_2016-01-14-00-18-38.png wedding planner LAST_0002_Screenshot_2016-01-14-00-19-02.png

Get Wedding Cakes Ideas from Google Play


 Wedding Bouquet Ideas

Nothing says love better than a nice bouquet of roses. If roses aren’t your forte then perhaps a few combinations via photo of real bouquets might stir your imagination to give you that one of a kind moment you’ve probably been thinking about since childhood.

wedding planner_0026_Screenshot_2016-01-13-22-23-02.png wedding planner_0027_Screenshot_2016-01-13-22-23-13.png

Get Wedding Bouquet Ideas from Google Play


Wedding Favor Ideas

Having to give the guests something for their trouble is also high on the list… otherwise would they come at all? Kidding, making your goody bags memorable as well as interesting (just like you!) is a tough job. Have some help from these collected images.

wedding planner_0022_Screenshot_2016-01-13-22-22-37.png wedding planner_0023_Screenshot_2016-01-13-22-22-30.png

Get Wedding Favor Ideas from Google Play


Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

Ah, the grand dame of the table. If it isn’t chandeliers it’s centerpieces. Coming up with beautiful centerpieces used to be something that we never had to worry about. With a world as interconnected as ours is today, a bride can’t help but want to make sure things go according to plan… her plan. If centerpieces are daunting, download this app and see just how easy they can be.

wedding planner_0024_Screenshot_2016-01-13-22-22-44.png wedding planner_0025_Screenshot_2016-01-13-22-22-55.png

Get Wedding Centerpiece Ideas from Google Play


Wedding Decoration Ideas

If a wedding ceremony is the body on a night out then the decorations are the hair and makeup. Along with the centerpieces and goody bags for guests, the wedding has to match a theme. Making sure you have a good handle on what that theme should be is going to be easy with a ton of ideas from this little app.

wedding planner_0028_Screenshot_2016-01-13-22-23-21.png wedding planner_0029_Screenshot_2016-01-13-22-23-32.png wedding planner_0030_Screenshot_2016-01-13-22-23-49.png

Get Wedding Decoration Ideas from Google Play

Wedding Checklist

If the many apps mentioned earlier were not enough for you OR if you happen to be a seasoned vet in planning weddings OR your role in the planning is for your sister or other family member and you just want to get to the point in a no frills to-do list then this is the app for you. It isn’t very easy to understand and it does assume you know quite a bit about how these events operate. If you do have such experience then this is going to be a great time saver.

wedding planner_0031_Screenshot_2016-01-13-22-23-58.png wedding planner_0032_Screenshot_2016-01-13-22-24-18.png

Get Wedding Checklist from Google Play

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    December 3, 2016 at 8:55 pm — Reply

    We just launched the beta version of our app on the Google Play Store called preParti that lets you design and walk through real event spaces. Our team has worked in video games and film so the graphics give you a very real representation of what your event will look like. You can place tables, chairs, linens, and centerpieces in the space and walk around in a first person point of view.

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