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Best Credit Repair Apps

Best Credit Repair Apps

It happens… You apply for an auto loan and you get denied from 5 different places. The auto dealer knows they have you in their clutches now. They’re going to swoop in and “Rescue” you from your denial troubles with an in-house auto financing solution. The problem is, it’s at 11.99% APR, having no other recourse, you take the deal and sign the next 5 years of career freedom away. This doesn’t even have to be solely about automobiles. You could be looking for a new apartment and based on your credit history you have to put down a $700 up front deposit. Or perhaps you’re shopping for a new contract phone plan from Verizon and get hit with a $400 pre-service security requirement. Let’s not mention the list grows for the other services we take for granted as children that depend on your credit worthiness, Insurance Premiums, Employment, the ability to open a checking account, buying a home, it would seem the odds are stacked against those trying to carve out a new start. Where do we begin? How do we begin? Are we forever doomed to sit and wait out a credit decision with prayers and crossed fingers? We don’t have to. Take charge of your life today with a guided walkthrough of 5 of our Best Credit Repair Apps.



1. 101 Credit Score Fixes

Much like the previous entry, we have somewhat of a generic layout and splash-page for 101 Credit Score Fixes. There is no real attempt to get you to buy anything. But the knowledge contained herein is absolute gold. There are numerous topics arranged in the “101 format” of self-help book content. Perusing The Basics reminded me of a few things that I had forgot. If we were to encourage you to start somewhere it would be right here as your first stop on the way to better personal financial health.


Get 101 Credit Score Fixes on Google Play


2. Credit Repair Solutions

Sometimes apps function more like a portal with links that take you to websites that may or may not be optimized for your device. This is such the case with Credit Repair Solutions. The difference is, with this app, resources are available here for you to find all in one place that saves you a tremendous amount time in looking for the right sort of information on Google Search. If you happened to miss anything from the first app/ebook then try this one next to fill in those blank spaces. It even has a section with outbound links to YouTube if you have need of watching someone illustrate various points to you.

FICO_0007_Screenshot_2016-01-13-03-30-39.png FICO_0008_Screenshot_2016-01-13-03-31-04.png

Get Credit Repair Solutions on Google Play


3. Fico Credit Score

Fico Credit Score concentrates more on teaching you the basics of your FICO Credit score. Something to keep in mind is that with many free or paid services the score they give you may not be anything like what your actual FICO score is. In my case I went with a third-party that I paid for for a few months only to learn that what they were touting as my credit score was a separate in-house approximation of what I had on my FICO. If you were expecting the actual score itself then you had to pay more.

Today we have better options available to us in the form of free FICO credit reporting via Capital One, Discover, and American Express. However if you can’t even get approved for one of those, maybe a look into your most recent denial letter will give you a better idea of what you have. Let’s be direct, this feels like more of a portal to obtaining your score with paid money or free trials ending in self-charging services. While we do not agree with those practices, the rest of the application is pretty straightforward. If you were to compare the design of many of these apps that are trying to focus on alleviating the problem or teaching you useful information, they typically fall between being Pretty/Worthless and Ugly/Worthwhile. That isn’t to say that we haven’t seen Ugly Worthless Apps or Pretty Worthwhile ones, it only suggests that the purpose of many of these apps should be taken into account before layout, interface, animations, and the like even enter the picture.

FICO_0005_Screenshot_2016-01-13-03-25-36.png FICO_0006_Screenshot_2016-01-13-03-30-01.png

Get Fico Credit Score on Google Play


4. TransUnion Mobile

We haven’t set upon getting you right to the top three until now. By this point you should know already that there are 3 credit bureaus that are responsible for determining your overall score. It was important that you understand the mechanics behind how credit works with your daily life. Once you understand how everything works, you’ll be less likely to be blinded by offers and other seemingly too good to be true promises.

But it does help to get the information straight from the horse’s mouth so to speak.

FICO_0003_Screenshot_2016-01-13-03-20-26.png FICO_0004_Screenshot_2016-01-13-03-20-36.png

Get TransUnion Mobile on Google Play


5. Experian Credit Tracker

Experian Credit Tracker is number two out of the big 3. The reason three bureaus are employed is because it sets up a sort of checks and balances with each bureau holding information that can be compared to the other two if the need arises. Looking into the mobile app it functions much like the TransUnion Mobile app mentioned just prior. If you happen to be on the go and you do have membership for either of the two reporting agencies, then what better than to access them on your phone as you’re out and about?

Mentioning payment, at this point we assume that you are pretty serious about repairing your credit. As you probably learned in the first app, getting your report from all 3 bureaus is the first step to getting your financial affairs sorted out. After which, signing up for membership at one or all reporting services is advised so you stay on top of things.

FICO_0000_Screenshot_2016-01-13-03-17-20.png FICO_0001_Screenshot_2016-01-13-03-17-31.png FICO_0002_Screenshot_2016-01-13-03-17-40.png

Get Experian Credit Tracker on Google Play



Credit reporting agencies are a pain to work with sometimes but learning about the process makes things a thousand times easier. If I were you, I would start by at least getting the first app in our list. Unfortunately Equifax had horrible UI problems and seemed to pull data very slow so we could not in good conscience recommend it. Try browsing their website instead when you’re at a desktop PC.


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