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Best Gardening Apps

Best Gardening Apps

There has to be something about the smell of spring in the air. That is, unless you happen to be in the section of the country where spring comes late in the year. When asked what one would love to do if they had the extra time many people respond with “growing my own fruits and vegetables.” With the recent scares regarding contaminated food sources in various groceries that are a refrigerator staple, many of us have begun to think about the process of field to table. Who touches our foodstuffs? how are they grown? are we told everything that we need in order to make an informed choice? Many of these questions go unanswered with the amount of work we might have to dedicate our jobs and personal life. Not only this but the question of how much time is it going to take to learn how to garden? Are we going to be able to care for our plants? There’s the detailed questions regarding, soil types, hardiness zones, climate zones, and having to keep track of when to plant certain varieties of foods. It’s no wonder that dream of eating the food you grow remains a dream. We’re here to help you though with our 5 Best Gardening Apps.


Landscape Garden Decor

When one talks about gardening, there inevitably comes the question, what do I want it to look like? There are a few of us out there that are blessed enough to have the space and wallet to accommodate ideas. As a matter of face it does seem like that in many areas of our lives where we choose to start something, it boils down to everything else but the actual task at hand. That being said, figuring out where to put your seeds is a big deal second only to when you decide to plant. This app has a variety of different garden setups that may just give you a few ideas to construct your own serenity.





Get Landscape Garden Decor on Google Play


Gardroid Vegetable Garden

Gardroid came to us as a surprise. We didn’t think too much of the name–a portmanteau of Android and Garden–but upon downloading it became very clear that this was the most important application in this set. Not only does it tell you things such as the depth of planting, but the distance between plants, rows, as well as sun level.


One major weakness that came up when we thought about the types of foods was exactly that. We were limited to the most common vegetables that one can grow. That isn’t to say that “Cardoon” can be found in your local Safeway or Walmart but it does leave out the second half of gardening–fruit. When choosing a vegetable to plant, you again, are given the information stated above, plus an easy to use graph to decide when to plant and when to harvest. They’re arranged by colors along a progression from January to December under the main picture.


The yellow tab at the bottom right hand corner of the picture lets you enter in the fact that you planted this particular seed. At which point you will get reminders to water the plant, check the plant, harvest the plant, and so on. Scrolling to the very bottom on any entry gives you a small collection of other vegetables that it can be planted alongside or near. Beets for example, can be planted with Broccoli, Catnip, and Garlic. Clicking those entries will take you that vegetable information card as well.


Scrolling further down we see that we’re able to get a little more information if we click on a tile.


Next, looking at the tips for each plant we see that Garlic is best planted in the late fall. If planted in the spring the bulbs will be smaller and we have to plant it as cloves and not as seeds. Kind of like an onion.


Another really neat feature is the ability to see exactly what our options are in planting. January shows that the only thing we could try to grow is Rhubarb.


Other options under the settings will further fine tune the application to cater to your specific location.


Get Gardroid Vegetable Garden on Google Play


Gardening Tips for Everyone

As if we could never have enough, we have this little application with numerous gardening tips that those of all ages and skill levels might find valuable.


Topics such as Earthworms and companion planting are seen.


Some of these tips aren’t covered in many gardening sources. They seem to be taken more from personal experience.


Get Gardening Tips for Everyone on Google Play


Like That Garden -Flower Search

When you happen to be out and about on a stroll sometimes a certain blood catches your eye. Rather than doing a web search for “plants with white centers” you can try this app out and take a picture, letting the computer do all the work.


Although it seems to be directed to flowers, it will also identify plants. This was very important.



Get Like That Garden -Flower Search


Organic Gardening Avoid Cancer

Many times within the Google Play store we see so many apps with terrible interfaces and graphics that make you want to scream. This can’t be attributed to the fault of the developer especially if they happen to specialize more in the content than the look. As is the case with this application. The content is great! The look… not so much. Take it on faith and give it a read, even if you don’t happen to care about the links between organic foods and cancer, being able to find organic solutions to problems without using pesticides is always welcome.


As you can see the posts are very detailed.



Get Organic Gardening Avoid Cancer on Google Play



There was a time when being able to pick an apple from the field was commonplace. Today, we have streamlined the delivery of food from the farm to the kitchen to a point where we really don’t know where they come from or how they came to be. Life in general demands we inspect all forms of life. Being able to take a seed and nurse it along into a plant that sustains you is quite possible one of the most rewarding experiences one can find. Do yourself a favor and give it a try. You just might surprise yourself.

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