Gmail Unified Inbox for Android Puts All Your Email in One Place

Do you use multiple Gmail accounts or email accounts from different providers? If you do, then it must so tiring to browse through them to find your emails. Now with the latest upgrade to Gmail for Android, Google aims to put all your emails in the Gmail unified inbox. The “All Inboxes” addition to the menu is hailed as a significant improvement to the app thereby easing user interaction with their respective email providers. Now you can not only browse through your email but also reply with all functionality available to Gmail users. Let’s dive deeper into the new upgrade to find what it has in store for us.

Gmail Unified Inbox Features


This unified inbox is now set to change the way people interact with their existing email programs. Over the years, since the introduction of Gmail, Google has tied to create a feature rich application with support for nearly every feature that its competitors provide. With neatly classified sections and usability improvements, Gmail is now one of the most used email providers in the world. The push from android based devices also helped Gmail gain a significant number of users.

Unfortunately some users are still stuck with their old email programs due to a number of reasons. Some old time providers don’t even have mobile apps so that users can access their emails from their handheld devices. Therefore users tend to redirect their emails to other major email providers but end up following and searching lists of mails spread out across numerous sections of the inbox.


The recent upgrade has successfully eliminated all such basic problems and now allows users to follow their emails at one single place in the form of threads so that they can easily follow up from their last email just like they do with their usual emails. The unified inbox also keeps conversations separate to allow users to browse through them without having to search frantically for a lost email. All incoming mails are color coded for further distinction and classification among your existing emails.

Moreover, the app also goes further by providing larger previews of attachments with clean animations and a neat stacking order that allows better interactivity with the interface. Built with Material design principles, the app provides the most pleasant email experience to its users. Now the attachments incoming from other email accounts can be saved to Google Drive with just a single tap.


None of the other email apps or providers has provided such a feature that could collect emails from other email accounts. Thus Gmail is definitely at an advantage as it allows users to redirect their emails from Yahoo, Microsoft, Outlook and other email programs to their Gmail address.

Surprisingly, the new addition to the email menu doesn’t change any other feature. You can browse your usual emails just like you did previously through priority inbox or the type of inbox of your choice.  All emails collected from IMAP or POP accounts are categorized in the “All inboxes” section while direct emails to your Gmail address are classified in your usual inbox. iOS and Windows still have to include this feature in their email apps and perhaps it would take some significant time before we see another upgrade.


Once you have redirected and confirmed your email address from other accounts, you can securely opt to delete the original copy at your email provider. This would lead to reduced disk usage at your primary account while allowing you to manage all your emails at one centralized inbox with all features provided by Google.


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