High-five: 5 Alternative Apps for Weedmaps on Android

Weedmaps, was developed to aid medical marijuana patients find dispensaries and resources on the web. The Android app of Weedmaps offers a handy guide to users who want to find marijuana dispensaries, deliveries and doctors in any place on the planet. The user reviews also come in handy for such needs. You can find all marijuana-related products like tinctures, edibles and medications using the app. Besides, the app also informs you about existing and upcoming offers, deals and discounts on such products. While you can benefit from using this app, it is not the only choice available for weed users and lovers.

Weedmaps Alternatives for Android Users

There are some other Android apps which offer similar functionalities to Weedmaps. With these apps, you can do more than find dispensaries selling legal marijuana products, as it is. For example, using these apps you can:

  • Learn about various cannabis strains and their features
  • Prepare delicious weed based recipes
  • Interact with other weed users worldwide and learn from their inputs
  • Share your knowledge on cannabis products with others online easily

The following are our top choices on Google Play store if you’re looking for legal marijuana, recipes and more:



Budfolio, a personal strain journal which supports Android 2.3.3 and later versions can be ideal for medical marijuana patients. It is kind of a social network platform for such groups. As a member, you can create a portfolio based on your cannabis experiences and share your views with others easily. It is also possible to capture photos and rate the buddies on this app. Like Weedmaps, this app also lets you locate legal marijuana dispensaries. Members can post their views and thoughts on cannabis advocacy and related topics using it. It also includes a Strain Library for cannabis users and enthusiasts.

Marihuana Recipes – Marijuana


This app is ideal for those seeking recipes made with strains of cannabis and marijuana. This free recipe app will let you prepare and experience unforeseen weed recipes. You can prepare a number of delectable dishes with the help of this Android app-including muffin, pies, cakes and desserts. It has a number of videos to help you prepare numerous weed based dishes with ease. There are no annoying in-app advertisements and the UI is easy to navigate. What’s more, you can easily share the marijuana recipes using platforms like Google+, WhatsApp and Facebook.

Marijuana Strain Guide


Marijuana Strain Guide, as the name indicates runs on Android devices with version 2.3 or later. This mobile app offers in depth information on marijuana strains, a number of delectable weed recipes and facts related to cannabis that user will gain from. The inclusion of clear and bright images adds to the user experience and its UI is fluid, easy to navigate. The recipes can be easily prepared by users at home.

Leafly Marijuana Reviews


Leafly prides itself as the planet’s biggest Cannabis information resource and its Android app vouches to offer the same to users. Both seasoned consumers and new medical marijuana patients can benefit from this app a lot. With this app, you can find literally any strain of marijuana and weeds in various places of the world. You will be able to find edible and concentrated variants using the app easily. The Leafly Finder can be used to search and locate cannabis dispensaries in numerous places. In the app’s News and culture section, you can find newest development and recipes. Similarly, you can explore the Knowledge Center for resources on cannabis.

Smokeio – Marijuana Locator


Smokeio Marijuana Locator runs on Android devices with version 3 and later running. It is one of the newer apps used by weed users, but has the potential to become one of the popular ones. With Smokeio, you can search and find Medical Marijuana products without any cost. You get access to in-store order scheduling and real-time delivery updates. With this app, acquiring medical cannabis becomes simpler.

Summing Up

So, you can see there are quite a few alternative apps for Weedmaps on Android. Most of these apps can be used for free and the paid ones also offer good value for money, as it is. Most of these apps run on older versions of Android, making things easier if your handset was bought a couple of years back! It makes sense to select those apps that also include ways to interact with other weed users and have recipes. Go through the user reviews on Google Play before you install the apps and start using them.

Did your favorite app make it here? If not, let us know the ones you count on in the comments below.

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