12 Nov 2015

Best Baby Apps to help with your Newborn

Best Baby Apps for the New Baby Blues If my sister is any indication of what a typical new mother goes through then my hat is off to mothers everywhere. Much is said about how to potty train, how to teach a child their ABC’s, and how to keep children

31 Oct 2015

All You Need To Hack Into An Android Phone Is A Seriously Long Passcode

Many Android users were enraged in mid-September when a flaw in Android’s fifth operating system Lollipop that enables people to easily bypass passcodes was discovered. Although few Android users use passcodes to protect their phones, they are often billed as the most secure option as you can set long, intricate

21 Oct 2015

Phone as a PC Remote: How-to Guide for Android

Phone as a PC Remote? How can that be possible? You just finished setting up that brand new fancy Smart TV but your Internet Provider has a “slow-as-molasses-in-January” connection or you have a hard data cap, what to do? We have an apps that that can turn your phone into

17 Jul 2015

How to Set up Alerts for Almost Everything With the Hooks App

A new app wants to simplify your life by notifying you about (almost) anything that you can think of / care about – from TV shows and movies to stock changes to events nearby to “website down” alerts. The list of things that you can set auto-notifications for is HUGE.

Android 101 – Interesting Facts, Stats, History [Infographic]
11 Apr 2015

Android 101 – Amazing Facts, Stats, Tips And Tricks [Infographic]

This infographic, created by Techiesense, illustrates some very interesting historical facts about Android – exciting features, tips and tricks and loads of other Android stats that you may not have heard before.