30 May 2016

38 Most Popular Apps For Android [INFOGRAPHIC]

“Whether you are an Android fan for years or you want to install some essential apps in your new Android phone, these apps should find their way to your smartphone device.” infographics courtesy of: Grabon.

04 May 2016

The Ultimate Student App Guide [Infographic]

There are countless apps available on phones, tablets and even smart watches to help with your studies. Let’s take a look at the apps you should be downloading right now. Infographic courtesy of: studymedicineeurope.

21 Apr 2016

25 essential apps for a healthy mind and body – infographic

“Technology doesn’t have to be the road to ruin when it comes to your health if you know how it can help boost the wellness of both mind and body. Though the options are endless when it comes to healthy living apps, Nuffield Health has done the hard work of

07 Apr 2016

These 30 Android Apps Will Make You More Productive [infographic]

“The days mobile phones revolved around voice Communication are long gone. It is no more about voice calls and text messaging. That the mobile device has transformed from a simple device to a useful tool is good news for everyone. Today, your Android device is a personal computer with the

02 Apr 2016

8 Free Apps Every Event Planner Needs [Infographic]

Event planning can be a stressful experience if you don’t have the right tools to assist you on the job. Whether you’re planning a large scale event or an intimate celebration, these must-have apps will make your job a lot easier. Courtesy of: blackandwhiteevents

01 Apr 2016

Infographic: What’s Threatening Your Mobile Apps?

In this infographic you’ll discover the top threats to mobile security and what you can do to prevent them. Courtesy of: vasco.com

24 Mar 2016

The people behind the biggest apps in the world – Infographic

Some of the wealthiest app developers in the world made millions and even billions from mobile messaging, gaming and social networking apps. This infographic explores these app developers and how they made their millions, plus how they choose to spend it. infographic source: irishapps.org

18 Mar 2016

How to Protect Children on Smartphones and Tablets

With toddlers today being brought up on smartphones and tablets, it can often be futile to deprive your child of such gadgets while they’re at school. But you can still make sure they’re practicing safe internet habits, and aren’t putting themselves (or your bank account) at risk by following the

12 Mar 2016

The Average Daily Life of an Android App User – Infographic

Data analytics company SimilarWeb has released new data revealing the daily app usage of the average Android device user in the U.S. The company determined the usage of leading apps in the United States from June to November 2015, and found the peak time for each app’s usage, as well

19 Feb 2016

Secure Your Mobile Device in Five Easy Steps [INFOGRAPHIC]

How many phone numbers can you recall from memory? The usual answer today is “not many.” That’s because most of us depend on our mobile devices to store our most sensitive personal data and access company information on the move. Of course, you already use a password or pattern to