07 Feb 2016

Best Hiking Apps for Android

Best Hiking Apps The early morning air is damp with the scent of sweetgrass and wild lilac. The sun is just up over the horizon hiding behind a small scattered batch of steel grey clouds, emptied of their moisture from the night before. Songbirds trilling from tree to tree echo across

22 Jan 2016

Best Apps for Selling your Old Stuff

Best Apps for Selling your Old Stuff Just the other day we were sitting around brainstorming about what it was we were going to focus on and we kept tripping over old Hard Disk Drives that were laying next to our desk along with old Compact Discs and various electronic

21 Jan 2016

Best Road Trippin’ Apps

Roadtrip! There doesn’t ever seem to be a situation where you might actually need to find applications on your phone that could help with the trip. The main cause of this is because we tend to never make time for the trip and when we do we sort of blindly

16 Jan 2016

7 Sinful Apps to Hide Sizzling Photos

7 Sinful Apps to Hide Sizzling Photos Apps to Hide Sizzling Photos? Why would we even need such a thing when we have our phones secured in our pockets? (“But…I don’t even do that…that…that stuff!” Cue eyeroll) It would seem that everyone thinks about doing it at some point. “Let’s take

07 Nov 2015

Mobile Reddit Apps? The best to keep you in The Know

Do you even Reddit Bruh? When asked this question, I replied, “…Uh… no…” A very slight, sad, shake of their head was all it took to get me thinking. What exactly am I missing? Maybe if you’re in some dark corner of the world–like myself–and never get out much. You might have

07 Sep 2015

The 18 Weirdest Android Apps

There are hundreds of practical, valuable and brilliant apps available on Google Play, ranging from efficient personal assistant apps to addictive and enjoyable games. However, not ever obtainable app is useful and functional, in fact some of them are just plain weird. Spoonr Known as the ‘Tinder For Cuddling’, Spoonr