Rain or Shine : The Best Weather Apps and Widgets for Android
11 Apr 2015

Rain or Shine : The Best Weather Apps and Widgets for Android

With the changes in climatic conditions weather has become highly unpredictable. Therefore updated information about weather conditions can not only keep you safe but also helps you take necessary precautions in case of unruly climate. Fortunately there are some fine apps available for android devices that not only alert and

Top VPN Apps to Surf Anonymously on Android
10 Apr 2015

Hide n Seek: Top VPN Apps to Surf Anonymously on Android

With governments restricting access to some popular sites and internet service providers blocking sites to enforce internet neutrality in the long run has made it extremely crucial for users to find alternate ways to access those sites without anyone snooping around or restricting access. Virtual Private Networks (VPN) is the

Streamly Awesome Watch Movies on Your Android Device with These Apps
09 Apr 2015

Streamly Awesome: Watch Movies on Your Android Device with These Apps

Since the release of Netflix, movies and TV shows are no more constrained to the large screen. Numerous companies followed its lead thereby creating a slew of apps that now stream all kinds of videos to every compatible device. Now you can directly watch movies on your android smartphone or

Pennywise: The best Android Apps to Manage Your Finances
08 Apr 2015

Pennywise: The best Android Apps to Manage Your Finances

Maintaining budget and managing finances can take a toll if you’re not savvy with money. There are a number of tools and websites out there that help you manage your finances while helping you track your spending. With them you can minimize your expenses and save more. But if your

07 Apr 2015

In the Pocket: The Best Android Apps for Everything Bitcoin

Since the inception of Bitcoin, it has created a huge impact. Unlike traditional currencies, Bitcoin is completely independent of regulations and laws set by financial institutions and governments. Therefore, each user can store and transfer currencies without any or significantly low fees. All transactions are publicly viewable through the Blockchain

06 Apr 2015

20 Most Downloaded Android Apps of All Time

Since the introduction of the Play Store in 2012, more than a billion android devices have registered and downloaded the top 400 applications for more than 10 million times. Unlike other android app stores, Play store is inbuilt into every android OS, therefore allowing secure installs and access to app

The complete history of Android devices - #infographic
05 Apr 2015

The Evolution Of Android [Infographic]

This infographic from Mobile MadHouse illustrates the key events in the history of Android (from 2003 to 2014). Click image to enlarge.

04 Apr 2015

5 Great Fitness Apps You Should Work Out With

Do you sometimes wish you had more time to exercise and get fitter? The bane of our lifestyle is we are just too busy to find time to work out. With more and more jobs involving long hours sitting in front of a computer, physical activity has become a necessity

04 Apr 2015

Protect Your Family with These 5 Home Security Apps

Home Safe Home The recent advancements in technology and smart devices have improved the way we maintain security and monitor our houses. Video surveillance systems and home automation systems that work intelligently with cloud based applications provide up to date information along with live feeds from installed cameras. All this

02 Apr 2015

PhotoMath: Solve Any Math Problem with this Smart Camera Calculator

Math’s is obviously one of the hardest subjects in school. Some students just don’t get the complex algebraic equations without external help.  Therefore calculators and other mathematics aids have become a necessity to properly understand the fundamentals. Fortunately technology is revolutionizing the way students learn. Visual representation of graphs and