02 Apr 2016

8 Free Apps Every Event Planner Needs [Infographic]

Event planning can be a stressful experience if you don’t have the right tools to assist you on the job. Whether you’re planning a large scale event or an intimate celebration, these must-have apps will make your job a lot easier. Courtesy of: blackandwhiteevents

01 Apr 2016

Infographic: What’s Threatening Your Mobile Apps?

In this infographic you’ll discover the top threats to mobile security and what you can do to prevent them. Courtesy of: vasco.com

31 Mar 2016

Android Retro Gaming : How-to

Android Retro Gaming 101 This week’s how-to is all about going backwards with Android Retro Gaming. If you haven’t already figured out how to do it, your phone can function as any number of consoles. Limits are only set by the type of hardware you have. Let’s get started The

29 Mar 2016

Android Indie Games Week!

Android Indie Games you have to own We’re kicking off the spring season with our all-new weekly android gaming column. We’ve spent the last few days going through some of the hottest titles released by Android Indie Games’ Developers on the Google Play Store. Here is part of our ongoing

28 Mar 2016

Need more sleep? Sleep Apps to help you Snooze

I can’t sleep… wait…  sleep apps? How many times have I heard that from friends and family? How many times have I said those same things to friends and family? Asking yourself those questions, the answer is almost always, “too many times.” Sleep may be something that many of us

28 Mar 2016

Android Apps News: While you were out – March 21-27

Android Apps News: While you were out – March 21-27 It’s been a whole seven days since you last checked in! Here’s what happened in Android Apps News while you were away: Netflix brings a much awaited mobile data saver to Android Let’s start off with the heavy hitter this week.

26 Mar 2016

New Android Apps Day for you Music Lovers!

It’s Saturday’s New Android Apps of the Week! It’s Saturday and that means New Android Apps Day. Every Saturday we scour the charts and look for that one App that actually makes your life a little bit better. This weekend we have a new addition to the Google Play Family.

25 Mar 2016

TGIF Android Party Planning

Android Party Planning…Thank God it’s Friday When is a good time for a celebration? FRIDAY. Whether it’s a huge promotion or that you won your divorce settlement, parties are seen as a time of making new friends, visiting with old acquaintances, and just letting it all hang out. Android Party

24 Mar 2016

The people behind the biggest apps in the world – Infographic

Some of the wealthiest app developers in the world made millions and even billions from mobile messaging, gaming and social networking apps. This infographic explores these app developers and how they made their millions, plus how they choose to spend it. infographic source: irishapps.org

23 Mar 2016

Best Car Shopping Apps

Best Car Shopping Apps Ahh… that new car smell. It makes you swoon sometimes. There are guys and gals alike that would place that smell above many others. For a moment you’re caught up in the newness of everything. You breathe in that collective scent of new leather, vinyl, and