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The recent advancements in technology and smart devices have improved the way we maintain security and monitor our houses. Video surveillance systems and home automation systems that work intelligently with cloud based applications provide up to date information along with live feeds from installed cameras. All this information is not only relayed though servers and desktops but can also be monitored with feature rich mobile devices. You can find hundreds of IP cam apps in the android play store along with apps from home automation and surveillance organizations.

So what are the top 5 home security apps? Let’s find out.

Vivint Classic


Image : Vivint

This app is an assistive application for Vivint security systems installed in your house. It uses the latest in wireless home monitoring technology to secure your home. The home security set up comes with a touchscreen panel, door and window sensors, motion detectors, and even a key fob. The Vivint app serves as a handy dashboard for controlling and monitoring all activities detected through its devices. The devices are highly receptive with accurate detection algorithms. If you haven’t installed a Vivint device yet, its time you did.

The android app can be downloaded here.



image : Xfinity

Xfinity comes with Comcast, the giant cable giant who also provides home automation and security devices that can be remotely controlled and managed through its dashboard or the apps. It allows users to remotely control their video monitoring devices while alerting them instantly through text and email notifications when an installed alarm goes off. The app also allows its users to control lights and thermostats from remote locations.

You can download the app from the Play Store here.

tinyCam Monitor PRO


Image : tinycam

tinycam is a popular alternative to older bulkier video surveillance systems as it provides all necessary tools for monitoring your house remotely through any type of camera that can be connected to the web. Most device with a camera can be turned into a monitoring device and the app allows all recorded videos to be relayed to remote locations. It supports all major video and audio formats and no recorded data is stored on the cloud, therefore allowing users complete privacy and control over their video feeds. It also supports 2 way audio thereby allowing users to communicate with people near the camera just like a Skype call. It is available as a free and pro version for Android, Blackberry and Amazon devices.

You can find it here on the Play Store

Spy Kit Motion Detector


Image : Spykit

This motion detector app is mainly intended for taking video footage without the intruder’ knowledge but is mostly used to detect motion within an environment for silent video surveillance. Its use as a spy camera has often garnered appreciation as the app doesn’t activate the screen while capturing video. The password protected gallery is also a helpful feature to keep prying eyes away from the recorded videos.

You can download the SpyKit directly from the Play Store

Alarm Mobile


Image :

Alarm is an award winning home automation, video monitoring, interactive security and energy Management Company that focusses on providing complete control of houses to its users through its innovative technology and assistive applications. All Alarm devices installed in a house can be controlled remotely through a centralized web based console or directly from your mobile app. Each of its device carries out specific functions like monitoring your house, arming or disarming your alarm system, temperature monitoring, even locking and unlocking your doors. The mobile app allows users to control all the above functions and a lot more depending on the type of alarm device installed on your property.


Securing and monitoring your house has never been easier. The above apps combine all available technology with advanced hardware to keep you in control. You can not only monitor but also interact with the people on the other side with the right apps and devices at your disposal. Its time you installed them to automate your house while securing it from intruders.


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