05 Dec 2015

Best History Apps for Learning

Best History Apps Sitting here thinking about what I did yesterday I’m drawing a blank. I can’t seem to remember anything. Then why do I remember that at some point Coca-Cola had actual cocaine in side of it? Or why do I remember that Final Fantasy was the literally the

04 Dec 2015

Best Audiobook Apps for a Hectic Life

Best Audiobook Apps for a Hectic Life! I keep looking at one particular book on my bookshelf that I cannot quite bring myself to concentrate enough to read. It was R.A. Salvatore’s Homeland, part of the Dark Elf series. If you don’t know what that is, it’s about an subterranean

29 Nov 2015

Best Memory Cleaning Apps – RAM Boosters

Best Memory Cleaning Apps This topic has been argued for and argued against since the very beginning of Android. I know the main reason you clicked on this post was because your speedy phone became slower than a snails at a race–for some reason… right? If RAM is one of those

21 Nov 2015

Five Apps To Up Your Nursing Game

Welcome to the first installment of the weekly occupational apps spotlight!  Every week, I will post apps that center around a certain career or occupation, hopefully helping you be the best you can be.  This week, I will be focusing on nursing.  If you’re a nurse, you know that it

19 Nov 2015

3 Apps for Toddlers you need NOW

The Importance of Literacy “The National Early Literacy Panel assessed the most rigorous scientific research available on the development of early literacy skills in children from birth to age 5. They concluded that a grasp of the alphabet and phonics awareness were two of the “strongest and most consistent predictors”

12 Nov 2015

Best Baby Apps to help with your Newborn

Best Baby Apps for the New Baby Blues If my sister is any indication of what a typical new mother goes through then my hat is off to mothers everywhere. Much is said about how to potty train, how to teach a child their ABC’s, and how to keep children

07 Nov 2015

Mobile Reddit Apps? The best to keep you in The Know

Do you even Reddit Bruh? When asked this question, I replied, “…Uh… no…” A very slight, sad, shake of their head was all it took to get me thinking. What exactly am I missing? Maybe if you’re in some dark corner of the world–like myself–and never get out much. You might have

06 Nov 2015

Best Android Apps for College Students

More Education, More Problems… Anytime we have an opportunity to understand what motivates us to keep in sync with our routines it should be a good thing. There are days however when we really aren’t feeling it. Some of the most essential issues with college are compounded when we add

5 Alternative Apps for Weedmaps on Android
04 May 2015

High-five: 5 Alternative Apps for Weedmaps on Android

Weedmaps, was developed to aid medical marijuana patients find dispensaries and resources on the web. The Android app of Weedmaps offers a handy guide to users who want to find marijuana dispensaries, deliveries and doctors in any place on the planet. The user reviews also come in handy for such

5 great apps for brain training
02 May 2015

5 Great Apps For Brain Training

The smartphone and tablet devices have become the interface for many functions that we left to either the real world or other devices. Be it watching television, keeping up with the news, communicating with others or keeping yourself entertained by playing games, the world of apps on these devices have