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Surprising enough mobile betting apps are new to the market. Online betting sites began their appearance in the 90´s and took flight around 2007 and 2008 with all major bookies from the UK and US looking for a share in the internet frenzy. Mobile betting became a thing back in 2013 and now around 20% of all bets are done through mobile devices for very specific reasons. That number is said to triple for 2020 by its rapid growth.

Still the numbers seem a bit low, why?

The big app stores still deny the entrance to betting apps, iTunes and Android have strong guidelines against this market which has discouraged many online sportsbooks to develop their own app. That is also taking into consideration that users do not need an app at all, they can login from their phones directly to the websites and take bets, manage their account, make deposits, play on the casino or poker with no problem.

Online sportsbooks use two playing formats, the online flash version and the downloadable platform mostly used for casino games and poker. The software is only required for download to play the heavy graphic 3D games, mostly 3D slots, but online bets do not require any software download.

Sites have been responsive since a long time ago, but now they are even more mobile friendly being designed for smartphones first and mostly, what is referred to as a web application or just web app. Web apps are not really apps, meaning there are plain html code and not Android or iOS code based. But their design is precisely made for mobile use making it practically the same thing.

So what is the difference between a regular app and a web app? Web apps are required to be online to function, regular apps could work without being online.

Betting apps should always be internet connected, how else are users going to see updated odds? So web apps are the perfect solution.

Where to Download Betting Apps like William Hill

Knowing that the two biggest app stores do not allow for betting apps, sportsbooks, casinos and poker sites have opted to offer their apps directly on their sites. This betting juggernauts like William Hill have a user base of hundreds of thousands, no need to rely on Apple or Google to promote their web app – this page will show the apps available for your device (Android OR iPhone).

There are a few extra steps to take during the installation process, but they are easy to overcome.

How to Install a Betting App

Take the William Hill app for example, after downloading the application without registration from their website (link on top), begin the installation process. If you are using an Android device then you might get a warning message.

  1. Agree to the terms and conditions.
  2. If a warning comes up “Unknown Source”, this is because Android doesn´t identify the app as downloaded from their database. This is not a warning for virus or potential security risks, the app is very safe with full encryption and bug free. The warning is just stating it doesn´t know where it came from.
  3. Go to “Settings” and pick “Application Settings” or “Security” depending on your device. Select “Unknown Sources”. This will disable the block from apps that do not come from the Android store.
  4. Continue the installation process by heading back to the control pane, tap WH.Sportsbook.apk and complete the installation.
  5. An additional error might show-up, “Can´t Open File”. This is a version of Chrome that blocks the app from being installed. Go to apps > Tools > My Files and click on William Hill apk to force the installation manually.

And guala! There you go, you got your very first betting app where you can take in-play bets while in class or at work without having to rely on a desktop. It’s easy, fast and reliable for daily bettors.

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