28 Oct 2015

The Best Political Android Apps for the 2016 Election

The next presidential election is still more than a year away, but you wouldn’t know it from watching the news. Candidates from both major parties are already deep into their campaigns in early voting states, and while Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are currently the heavy favorites for the Democrats

21 Oct 2015

The Best Android Legal Apps for Lawyers (And Everyone Else Too)

Older lawyers and judges are notoriously inept at using new technology. I graduated from law school earlier this year, and it wasn’t uncommon to hear stories about attorneys in their sixties and seventies who refuse to do legal research online and chastise young associates for not using books. Personally, I

15 Oct 2015

Android Versus iOS By Region – #infographic

Android operating system is now ahead of iOS in all regions, reveals a new study from GlobalWebIndex. “On mobile, its lead peaks in APAC (60%) and LatAm (65%) where it has 5x as many users as iOS. Only in North America, Apple’s home market, do we see this gap shrink. The

16 May 2015

Best Inbox Zero Apps for Android

Email is a “problematic” communication tool that’s here to stay for a long time. Lots of people and companies – including giants like Google – are trying to figure out a way to make email really work. And one of the philosophies that drive today’s email conundrum is Inbox Zero

13 May 2015

Must Have Android Travel Apps [INFOGRAPHIC]

We rely on our smartphones in our everyday life and when travelling, your android device is your best friend. Here’s an infographic from Bullguard that presents the top can’t live without apps you want on your android smartphone before you even hit the road. Note: Download links are at the bottom

10 Exceptional Material Design Apps for Android
22 Apr 2015

10 Exceptional Material Design Apps for Android

  Material design has taken over the smartphone screens since its introduction at the Google I/O last year and is now an integral part of score of apps on the Play Store. Nearly every application from Google employs material design principles to enhance user interaction and experience. Developers from all corners of

Android 101 – Interesting Facts, Stats, History [Infographic]
11 Apr 2015

Android 101 – Amazing Facts, Stats, Tips And Tricks [Infographic]

This infographic, created by Techiesense, illustrates some very interesting historical facts about Android – exciting features, tips and tricks and loads of other Android stats that you may not have heard before.

The complete history of Android devices - #infographic
05 Apr 2015

The Evolution Of Android [Infographic]

This infographic from Mobile MadHouse illustrates the key events in the history of Android (from 2003 to 2014). Click image to enlarge.

27 Mar 2015

7 Android Apps Every Entrepreneur Should Be Using

‘App’solutely Awesome Entrepreneurship calls for a high level of efficiency apart from many other critical traits. This efficiency is often a result of daily habits and productivity hacks that keeps founders ahead of the competition. It is crucial for them to remain updated about market conditions while tracking all necessary