23 Mar 2016

Best Car Shopping Apps

Best Car Shopping Apps Ahh… that new car smell. It makes you swoon sometimes. There are guys and gals alike that would place that smell above many others. For a moment you’re caught up in the newness of everything. You breathe in that collective scent of new leather, vinyl, and

21 Mar 2016

Android Apps News: While you were out – March 14-20

Android Apps News: While you were out – March 14-20 It’s another week come and gone in the official start of spring for those in the Northern Hemisphere. Here’s what happened in Android Apps News while you were away: Update on the Stagefright Security Flaw Stagefright may not be a

21 Mar 2016

Root Explorer is your Friend – Android File Explorer

Root Explorer Something that we’ve always liked was the ability to look through and augment our devices in the way that we see fit–at least those of you that pay for your devices outright. For the uninitiated we’ll explain the differences really quick between the free version and the paid version of Root

06 Mar 2016

Best Android Apps for Making your Pantry Budget Stretch

“Mommy, I’m Hungry.” This is a problem faced by more people than you might expect. Starvation is usually a term that you don’t normally hear as it applies to the United States. With obesity on the rise as well as a very low unemployment rate one would never think that

02 Mar 2016

Best Apps for Wine Enthusiasts

Viva el Vino! Where does wine come from? Grapes you say. Then how is it made? Fermentation you say. So then how do we get so many different types? Um… well that’s not that easy to answer. We know it has to be some alchemy with using different types of

01 Mar 2016

Best Gardening Apps

Best Gardening Apps There has to be something about the smell of spring in the air. That is, unless you happen to be in the section of the country where spring comes late in the year. When asked what one would love to do if they had the extra time many

16 Feb 2016

Best Android Apps for News and Weather

We’ll be back on Monday… Sometimes we forget to check the TV before a trip out of town. 25 Years ago this statement wouldn’t sound so out of place. We remember back then that most of the news traveled in print and usually took a week for it reach one

15 Feb 2016

Best Apps for Writing on the GO

Best Apps for Writing on the GO Nothing beats the flexibility of an ultra slim laptop. You can take it virtually anywhere and write when the mood strikes you. There is no Bluetooth keyboard to mess with and there is no having to go about tapping on the screen. There is

11 Feb 2016

Best Android Apps for Motorcyclists

Best Android Apps for Motorcyclists There is something about taking to the open road on a 750cc supersport that can’t be compared to anything else. Whether your poison is off road riding on a Yamaha YZ450F, or track days on a Suzuki GSXR-600, or perhaps you prefer the low slung

07 Feb 2016

Best Hiking Apps for Android

Best Hiking Apps The early morning air is damp with the scent of sweetgrass and wild lilac. The sun is just up over the horizon hiding behind a small scattered batch of steel grey clouds, emptied of their moisture from the night before. Songbirds trilling from tree to tree echo across