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The Best Insurance Apps for Android (in the U.K.)

Unlike their neighbors across the pond, U.K. citizens don’t have to worry about obtaining health insurance from private companies (although they can do so if they wish). However, car insurance is required for any motorist driving around the U.K., and in recent years homeowner’s insurance has become increasingly competitive in the country. Of course that means that the best way to find insurance and keep track of your policy is often through your Android phone. Luckily, several major U.K. insurance companies and app developers offer quality apps for finding insurance and keeping track of your policy. These are the very best insurance apps for Android if you’re in the U.K.


best insurance apps

Remember what I said about homeowner’s insurance being extremely competitive in the U.K.? Luckily, this app makes finding the right homeowner’s insurance for you a cinch. Just type in your location and a little bit of information about where you live and you’ll have several affordable quotes from all of the U.K.’s top insurance companies in no time. Even better, the app connects you to a 24-hour helpline. Overall, it’s an incredibly intuitive and easy to use app that anyone looking for homeowner’s insurance in the U.K. should check out. This is easily the best insurance app on Android for U.K. homeowner’s insurance.

Download Home Insurance UK


best insurance apps

Cheap Home Insurance Platform doesn’t have quite the same level of polish as Home Insurance UK. It’s a very basic black and white design, and frankly boring to look at, but it still does an excellent job of finding you the right insurance if you’re in the U.K. You can search for landlord, tenant, commercial, or owner insurance, and your quote will take into account every last bit of information about your residence from square footage to construction materials. It may not be the prettiest app, but if you’re looking for a cheap, accurate quote, it’s among the best insurance apps on Google Play right now for U.K. users.

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Insurance UK is a well-designed app with the fairly standard functionality of taking you to top sites to compare U.K. insurance prices, but what makes the app especially useful and one of the best insurance apps around is the newsfeed and links to latest insurance offers,. This added bit of information makes it much more useful than the typical insurance app as you can check out insurance news in the U.K. and see how recent events might affect the price of a policy in your area. All of the information is quite up to date too, especially for finding deals that are only available for a limited time. The app also directs you to videos with advice about how get insurance as cheap as possible.

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best insurance apps

This isn’t a terribly fancy app, although it does have a password to protect the information you submit, which is a nice little security feature more apps could use. Basically, you input your information for car insurance and it spits out the best deals available in your area, no fuss. There aren’t many other options for car insurance apps in the U.K. on Google Play, but this works well enough for what it is. And considering that car insurance is legally required to drive anywhere in the country, this is an excellent place to start looking for coverage to make sure you stay legal.

Download Cheap Car Insurance Quotes UK


best insurance apps

The National Health Service is generally well-regarded in the U.K., though providing free health care for all can lead to exceedingly long wait times in many physician’s offices. For those who want to ensure they can see a doctor quickly or get access to care not covered by the NHS, there are plenty of private insurance companies in the country. LifeQuote asks for a bit of personal information before getting you prices for all of these providers, but it’s much simpler than filling out a lengthy packet of forms. You can also use the app to obtain life insurance. This is an extremely well-designed app that’s easy to navigate. Along with providing health insurance quotes quickly, the app also links to news articles on health and general tips for staying healthy, which makes it a great app to check out daily, even if you’re not in the market for health insurance. It truly is one of the best insurance apps for U.K. Google Play users.

Download Health Insurance – LifeQuote


Insurance is an important part of life in the U.K. It’s required to drive a car (with stiff penalties for failing to carry it), and it’s a very good idea to protect your possessions whether you’re renting or buying. And while private health insurance isn’t required in the country, it’s nice to know there are options available. Thankfully, there are several apps on Google Play that make finding the right insurance and keeping your policy up-to-date a painless process no matter which type of insurance you’re looking for.

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