25 Mar 2016

TGIF Android Party Planning

Android Party Planning…Thank God it’s Friday When is a good time for a celebration? FRIDAY. Whether it’s a huge promotion or that you won your divorce settlement, parties are seen as a time of making new friends, visiting with old acquaintances, and just letting it all hang out. Android Party

23 Mar 2016

Best Car Shopping Apps

Best Car Shopping Apps Ahh… that new car smell. It makes you swoon sometimes. There are guys and gals alike that would place that smell above many others. For a moment you’re caught up in the newness of everything. You breathe in that collective scent of new leather, vinyl, and

04 Mar 2016

Best Apps for Self-Diagnosis (Health)

 What the heck is that…? So last week you saw a mole on your shoulder. Has it changed shape or gotten bigger? Is it really a mole? How can you know for sure? How do you know aren’t wasting any valuable time from the doctor’s office that could be better

16 Feb 2016

Best Android Apps for News and Weather

We’ll be back on Monday… Sometimes we forget to check the TV before a trip out of town. 25 Years ago this statement wouldn’t sound so out of place. We remember back then that most of the news traveled in print and usually took a week for it reach one

15 Feb 2016

Best Apps for Writing on the GO

Best Apps for Writing on the GO Nothing beats the flexibility of an ultra slim laptop. You can take it virtually anywhere and write when the mood strikes you. There is no Bluetooth keyboard to mess with and there is no having to go about tapping on the screen. There is

08 Feb 2016

Best Android Apps for Sweet Tooths

Best Apps for Sweet Tooths Today we tread into familiar territory. Not a one of us has gone by a bakery, sweet shop, or the candy aisle in the local grocer without imagining what those seductive smells lingering in the air might feel like on our tongue. Why would many

07 Feb 2016

Best First Aid Android Apps

Best First Aid Apps In case most of you feel the most you’ll ever come to terms with in first aid response is putting a band-aid on someone or calling an ambulance, you’re going to be shocked to know that the chances of encountering an emergency situation is a lot

31 Jan 2016

Best Android Apps for Managing Diabetes

Best Apps for Managing Diabetes There is a lot of confusion about what Diabetes affects or how it ends up working on our body. The general premise is that the person with Diabetes is either insulin dependent or they can manage it with careful attention to blood glucose levels and

28 Jan 2016

Best Apps for Married Couples

Best Apps for Married Couples Best Apps for Married Couples… Normally it may seem that most writing pieces dealing with relationships would start off by giving statistics that while accurate are certainly not helpful. Who wants to read something that tells you upfront that over half of all marriages end in

23 Jan 2016

Best Cloud Storage Apps

Best Cloud Storage Apps When we think about some of the things that determine what the Best Cloud Storage Apps should be we typically think about the amount of storage that we get free of charge. As we looked through the contenders, we recall what an important person said once