These Are the Top Google Play Games, Apps for 2015

So begin the annual roundups. Google has released its “best of” list for the Play Store, a roundup of the top apps and games you can pick up for Android.

Among the games on the list is, the fun “make my dot go bigger by eating other dots and avoiding bigger dots from eating me” game, which will surely waste at least an hour or two of your life before you quit in frustration. There’s also Fallout Shelter, the fun simulation set in the Fallout universe where you’re trying to prevent your vault full of dwellers from being killed by a bunch of invading raiders, or horrible monsters.

It wouldn’t be a “best games” roundup without some of the heavy-hitters from this year too, including the maddeningly simple Crossy Road or the moving-to-a-movie-franchise Angry Birds 2. Even Mortal Kombat X made it on the list—blood, guts, and all (and plenty of in-app purchases, too).

On the app front, Google Play lists Flipagram, HBO Now, Showtime, We Heart It, YouTube Kids, and Twitch, among others, as its top apps for 2015.

According to Android Police, Google seems to be offering up different versions of its “best-of” apps based on your geography—which could even include a “Made in” section for apps developed in your particular area. It also seems as if Google isn’t exactly running some of these apps through an editorial filter.

“From the looks of it, it seems that these lists were generated based on downloads, ratings, and popularity in their respective category. It doesn’t look like any apps were carefully curated at all. In the US, Twitter gets recommended as one of the best communication apps of 2015 and we all know that the official client’s interface, although functional, is nothing to write about,” the blog says.

“In Lebanon, I see Telegram in the list, which is a much more interesting app to highlight in my opinion. However, most of the tools and productivity choices in Lebanon are emoji keyboard apps — a far cry from productivity.”

In addition to top apps and games, Google’s roundup also includes suggestions from Google Play Books and the Google Play Newsstand—in case you’d rather read than game (or, er, app).

This post was originally published at PCmag.

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