16 Jan 2016

7 Sinful Apps to Hide Sizzling Photos

7 Sinful Apps to Hide Sizzling Photos Apps to Hide Sizzling Photos? Why would we even need such a thing when we have our phones secured in our pockets? (“But…I don’t even do that…that…that stuff!” Cue eyeroll) It would seem that everyone thinks about doing it at some point. “Let’s take

13 Jan 2016

Need TV Show Tracking Apps?

Do I Need A TV Show Tracking App? Sitting here… The clock ticks… I’m trying to fall asleep but my 10 cup coffee habit isn’t letting me… I saw a great show advertised the other night but… I can’t remember what day of the week it was supposed to air…

07 Dec 2015

Best World War II Games on Android

Many youngsters won’t remember the advancements in First Person Shooters stemming from Doom and Wolfenstein 3D. I would wager most only think of Call of Duty or Battlefield. So, for those that don’t know, historical shooters started in the 90’s. They continued to get better and better. Then for some reason…they

04 Dec 2015

Best Audiobook Apps for a Hectic Life

Best Audiobook Apps for a Hectic Life! I keep looking at one particular book on my bookshelf that I cannot quite bring myself to concentrate enough to read. It was R.A. Salvatore’s Homeland, part of the Dark Elf series. If you don’t know what that is, it’s about an subterranean

02 Dec 2015

Best Star Gazing Apps to Lose Yourself In

Best Star Gazing Apps to Lose Yourself In Best Star Gazing Apps, title says it all right? If we go back to basics we have our Bodies, the Earth, and the Sky.  Thousands of years ago we looked up and plotted out constellations, all the while making stories for those

29 Nov 2015

Best Memory Cleaning Apps – RAM Boosters

Best Memory Cleaning Apps This topic has been argued for and argued against since the very beginning of Android. I know the main reason you clicked on this post was because your speedy phone became slower than a snails at a race–for some reason… right? If RAM is one of those

19 Nov 2015

3 Apps for Toddlers you need NOW

The Importance of Literacy “The National Early Literacy Panel assessed the most rigorous scientific research available on the development of early literacy skills in children from birth to age 5. They concluded that a grasp of the alphabet and phonics awareness were two of the “strongest and most consistent predictors”

07 Nov 2015

Mobile Reddit Apps? The best to keep you in The Know

Do you even Reddit Bruh? When asked this question, I replied, “…Uh… no…” A very slight, sad, shake of their head was all it took to get me thinking. What exactly am I missing? Maybe if you’re in some dark corner of the world–like myself–and never get out much. You might have

06 Nov 2015

Best Android Apps for College Students

More Education, More Problems… Anytime we have an opportunity to understand what motivates us to keep in sync with our routines it should be a good thing. There are days however when we really aren’t feeling it. Some of the most essential issues with college are compounded when we add

27 Oct 2015

9 ways to order Fast Food… even faster!

Fast Food Faster Can fast food get any slower? Is that what you’re saying at the drive-thru? Take a look at these 9 apps for faster food today. Burger King Burger King has a pleasantly orange layout that lends some warmth to the eyes thanks to Android 5.0 Lollipop Material