21 Oct 2015

Phone as a PC Remote: How-to Guide for Android

Phone as a PC Remote? How can that be possible? You just finished setting up that brand new fancy Smart TV but your Internet Provider has a “slow-as-molasses-in-January” connection or you have a hard data cap, what to do? We have an apps that that can turn your phone into

10 Sep 2015

4 Tips for Improving Your Android Experience – infographic

“So you’ve just purchased an Android phone? Or maybe you’re looking to improve your experience on an existing Android phone? There is a plethora of options you can change and apps you can add to improve your Android experience! Let’s go over 4 simple things you can do to speed

24 Aug 2015

OFFTIME – An App that Will Cure Our Smartphone Distraction and Increase Productivity

Typically, I’d have looked at my phone at least ten times by the end of this post. The level of smartphone distraction is very high – especially with folks working from home, working alone. That has changed and, ironically, it’s because of an app I started using about a few

20 Aug 2015

Tips To Become a Zen Android User with Custom Swipe Gestures and Save Time

The designers and developers at Google try to make Android a platform that’s easy to use. Part of this makes Android a productive environment already with swipe for managing Notifications, “Ok, Google” for Google Now Search and a variety of other touch and voice gestures. But there is always scope

16 May 2015

Best Inbox Zero Apps for Android

Email is a “problematic” communication tool that’s here to stay for a long time. Lots of people and companies – including giants like Google – are trying to figure out a way to make email really work. And one of the philosophies that drive today’s email conundrum is Inbox Zero

Gmail Unified Inbox for Android Puts All Your Email in One Place
11 May 2015

Gmail Unified Inbox for Android Puts All Your Email in One Place

Do you use multiple Gmail accounts or email accounts from different providers? If you do, then it must so tiring to browse through them to find your emails. Now with the latest upgrade to Gmail for Android, Google aims to put all your emails in the Gmail unified inbox. The “All

Top Android apps for improving battery life
13 Apr 2015

Top Android Apps For Improving Battery Life

As phones grow old, their batteries are usually the first components to take a hit. Android phones usually don’t really lock you down to the battery as most of these phones come with a replaceable battery that you can replace yourself (unlike Apple’s devices and the new Samsung Galaxy S6

Android 101 – Interesting Facts, Stats, History [Infographic]
11 Apr 2015

Android 101 – Amazing Facts, Stats, Tips And Tricks [Infographic]

This infographic, created by Techiesense, illustrates some very interesting historical facts about Android – exciting features, tips and tricks and loads of other Android stats that you may not have heard before.