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Top 8 Android Apps to Help you Meditate

Mental health is one of the most important facets of personal wellness. It is imperative to take part in activities that promote it to achieve your life goals and objectives. One of the guaranteed ways of doing this is by taking part in various physical exercises such as weight lifting to relieve stress and refocus. Meditation is another superior way of promoting mental health. Advancement in technology has led to the development of smart Android apps that are tailor-made to help users meditate.

Here are the top 8 Android apps that you can use to meditate

Relax Melodies

One the best ways of relaxing your brain by listening to sweet melodies as you relax. Relax Melodies comes with nature sounds as well as binaural beats that have been tested and proven to have positive brain effects. To ensure that you get the best experience, the developer worked smart to include a special feature that allows one to combine different sounds for a customized experience.

Relax Melodies

Download Relax Melodies

Meditation Timer

This beautiful Android app is designed to make meditation easy and effective in promoting mental health. It comes with an intuitive interface that makes it seamlessly easy for one to operate it. Decide the amount of time that you want to spend meditating and set reminder noises for commencing and ending your session. For example, you can select the chime sound to mark the start of your session and galloping hoof beats to end the session. More importantly, it has inbuilt features that enable it to record and keep track of your progress. This information is clearly displayed on the statistics page.

Meditation Timer

Download Meditation Timer

The Mindfulness App

The exquisite, serene blue field is the first thing you will see when you launch the app. It has guided meditations that are conducted by Catherine Polan Orzech, a renowned meditation specialist. In the in-app store, you will find extra meditation guides developed by experts such as Jon Kabat-Zinn and Jack Kornfield.

The Mindfulness App

Download the Mindfulness App

Smiling Mind

This Australian top Android app was developed to help users stay calm and de-stress. It has a simple interface that makes it utterly easy to navigate. The developers went an extra mile to provide meditation guides for various age groups. As you meditate, you will listen to exceptional Aussie tones that will calm your brain. No internet connection is required as all the guides are stored in its database.

The Smiling Mind

Download Smiling Mind

Walking Meditation

Busy schedule during the week is no longer reason for leaving your mental health to chance. Walking Meditation is a state-of-the-art Android app that is tailored to help busy people meditate when they get a chance. For example, you can meditate during lunch break by launching the app and selecting one of the three short tracks. Note that each track has a unique focus to help you get the most from each meditation session.

Walking Meditation

Download Walking Meditation

Meditation Helper

It is recommendable to have goals of what you want to achieve from every meditation session. Meditation Helper is an android app that is designed to help you achieve these goals by setting a time target. That is, the amount of time that you want to spend meditating every day. It will help you to know if you have achieved your target every day. For this to happen, you need to launch the app when you start the session.

Meditation Helper

Download Meditation Helper

Room to Breathe Meditation

One of the surest ways of meditating is by applying the right breathing techniques correctly. Breathing helps the brain to keep calm and switch off completely from whatever is going on in your life. This app comes with detailed breathing techniques as well as music options to guide you. It is recommendable to try out each of the techniques to find one works best for you.

Room to Breathe

Download Room to Breathe Meditation

Buddhist Meditation Trainer

This Android app is ideal for busy people who have to deal with a ton of work and life-related issues every day. Buddhist Meditation Trainer will restore order in your life by teaching you how to relax and meditate. It does this by furnishing you with great quotes to meditate on as well as a timer to monitor the amount of time that you spend in each session. The developers also worked smart to include ten different levels of enlightenment to suit the diverse needs of the users. More importantly, it will alert you using daily notifications to ensure that you never forget to meditate.

Buddhist Meditation 1

Download Buddhist Meditation

Indeed, Android apps have and continue to revolutionize how we meditate. Most of the apps on this list such as the Buddhist Meditation Trainer are free and do not require any internet connection to work. Be sure to familiarize yourself with their features to get utmost value for your time.

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