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Top Android Apps For Improving Battery Life

As phones grow old, their batteries are usually the first components to take a hit. Android phones usually don’t really lock you down to the battery as most of these phones come with a replaceable battery that you can replace yourself (unlike Apple’s devices and the new Samsung Galaxy S6 phone). Replacing battery costs money and the reason your phone is losing charge really quickly might have nothing to do with the health of your battery.

Here are 5 apps that will diagnose and repair all your battery troubles. They will let you know how healthy your current battery is, which apps are eating it up and how you can optimize usage and charging patterns to get the most out of your phone’s battery.

1: Battery Doctor

battery doctor

This app is by far the most popular battery life improving app with over a 100 million downloads and an average rating of 4.5 from over 5 million users. The interface is intuitive with a lot of useful information such as a breakdown of how you use your battery, how much time is left for the current charge to finish and the percentage of battery left.

The app optimizes your battery by identifying the apps that are eating away your battery and tells you how much time you can gain by optimizing. It keeps track of when you charge your phone’s battery, has a super saving mode for when your battery is extremely low. You can also schedule your phone to be on super saving mode when you are asleep or in class so your phone will only have phone and SMS functionality during those times and increase your battery’s life for other times. One annoying feature of this app is that it keeps pushing ads for its other data cleanup app.

2: Repair Battery Life

repair battery life

This app has over a 100 thousand downloads with an average rating of 4.7. The app runs diagnostics on your battery to identify cells that are low on charge, inactive or health. You can fix these identified problems by running the repair functions. I ran the diagnostic from this app after running a similar diagnose and repair function from the app at the end of this list (Battery Fixes). This app still identified several inactive cells, which actually leaves me confused about the science of this cell-mapping technology.

3: DU Battery Saver

du batter saver

This app stands out for its professional interface. The app offers the standard suit of battery optimization and saving services: one-click optimization, power management modes and managing your charging time. The app has a PRO version that provides a more adaptive version of its power management tools.

4: Save Battery Life

save battery life

This app has over 100 thousand downloads but a lower rating of 3.9. This lower rating could be explained by the fact that this app keeps things simple. It does not overload you with information on your battery, or a fancy map of all the battery cells identifying which ones are problematic or detailed graphics on your battery usage. It focuses on the simple task of saving your battery life by doing simple things such as turning off your Wi-Fi or GPS, decreasing your lock-out time, and clearing your phone’s memory.

5: Battery Fixes

batter fixes

This app has over 10,000 downloads with an average rating of 4.1. The makers of this app say that using Battery Fixes once a week helps keep your old battery working at good capacity. Once your download the app, you can run the diagnostics in the app that will help you repair your battery. The diagnostic takes 2-3 minutes to run and tells you how many cells have errors, are inactive or are in perfect condition. Once you hit repair, it works on fixing those errors (takes another 2-3 minutes). The app also provides information on how much battery is currently available as well as the temperature, health and voltage of the battery in your phone.

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