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Ringtones, Alarms, and Notifications: Chiptunes

Notification Apps – More than “The Usual”

There are those of us that love having music ringtones from our favorite Musicians like Madonna, Coldplay, or even Metallica. For the rest of us we try to find something that isn’t so annoying that we never have our ringer on but loud enough to wake us up if we doze off somewhere. For the rest of us we gravitate toward synthesized sounds or tracks. A large majority will be satisfied with the stock sounds as they’ve gotten a whole lot better as Android gets older.

For a particular subset of us, we can’t be satisfied with our stock sounds. Nor do we want commercialized ringtones from popular songs. We want something different. Either a movie sound effect or a gaming sound.

It goes back to video games doesn’t it?

Notification Apps

The UI is a “bit” stripped down but what can you expect from a retro stylized sound app?

We’ve seen quite a few video game ringtone and notification apps but they seem to have been swamped with advertisements and bogus methods of saving the music or tone to your device. Many function as a soundboard app of sorts. You remember those? A large app that had huge buttons with certain phrases from our favorite movies or actors.

Notification Apps

You get the option of applying them right then and there or saving them to local storage for later

8 Bit Notifications aims to be the one stop shop for all of your retro 8 bit needs. In this group we find both the Nintendo Entertainment System and the Sega Master System. Both of which used interchangeable sounds typically swapped out through different titles. Back in those days sounds weren’t all that important. As long as something sounded like a “jump” it was alright by many players.

Notification Apps

Fun Facts, as well as a generic list of sounds. Can you guess which are from what game?

Today our sophistication with music and sounds in gaming has gotten noticeably higher but the classics never die.

Notification Apps8 Bit Notifications

Kevin Hinds

[Price: $0.99]

Improve your notifications with 8-bit sounds from the greatest era of video games!
This application includes 275+ unique 8-bit sound files to use as notifications for your device.
They’re just like the ones you remember. You can save them to your notifications library to use later as well as directly applying a selected notification sound with a simple press.



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