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10 Android Apps to Get Your Productivity Back on Track

Productivity apps are dime a dozen these days with app stores flooding with new ones every day, each one claiming to turn you more productive. Regardless of the number of features or interface the developers embed into their apps, the only factors that determine their success is their usability and seamless integration with other services to solve their user’s problems. You can keep exploring each of those apps for months and remain confused about the top apps that could boost your productivity. Therefore here is the list of top 10 apps to help your productivity back on track.


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Image : Sunrise


Recently acquired by Microsoft for a whopping 100 million is not to be ignored anymore. It is the best calendar application on the web and provides efficient clients for Android and iOS. Its seamless integration with numerous services helps you keep track of all possible events from those applications.



Image : Mailbox


Mailbox is often considered the top email app for Android and iOS. With intelligent features built into the app, it not only eases user experience but also helps them get rid of unnecessary emails that they can’t deal with now, helping them focus on what is important. Moreover, the app learns user behavior to automate common actions so that you won’t have to deal with them every time.


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Image : Trello


Perhaps there is no better dashboard with features comparable to Trello. It is a visually compelling dashboard with all you important stuff organized and displayed at one single place. You can create list of lists called cards which can be shared among your friends and coworkers to focus on issues. Even organizations like adobe use Trello to document their work and share information among teams


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Image : LastPass


There are numerous password remembering apps on the web but only a few have the potential to effectively integrate with every website and app to auto fill your credentials. Lastpass excels at capturing form details while also providing options to auto fill lengthy forms every time you have to sign up for a service.


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Image : Pocket


Remaining productive means gaining access to information and sources at time when you need them. But how will you remember the article that you read on the cab back home? R how will you postpone something to read later? You can put it in your Pocket. This nice little app is a life saver for information enthusiasts. Just put those information in your pocket and you can access them again whenever you are free.


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Image : IFTTT


Everyday doing the same mundane tasks often takes up a lot of out productive time. Putting the phone on silent mode while in office, organizing information among your applications and thousands of other tasks. Now you can automate each of these with IFTTT. Just signup and start exploring its wealth of recipes at your disposal.


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Image : Mint


Managing personal finances has never been easier before. Mint provides a collaborative dashboard that helps you manage all your personal finance while helping you make the right decisions about spending and savings.


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Image : Quip


Collaborating among your friends to share important information in an intuitive way is the primary goal of this app. The app works just like your computer by organizing content in the form of folders and files. But unlike traditional computers, it helps you share, edit and collaborate in real-time.


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Image : Casual


Having trouble organizing and working on your project? Casual is a visual project management tool that provides a visual interface to execute projects in the form of workflows. It provides one single workflow diagram to track, understand, and organize the way your teams work.


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Image : Timeful


The last but not the least, this app helps you find time. It tracks your calendar and events to schedule your whole day. Its intelligent system helps you figure out less important tasks that can be sidelines for better events. Moreover, it also helps you develop good habits and accomplish your goals.

In Conclusion

If getting more done in your day is your priority then these apps will help you do just that. While this list aims to introduce best productivity apps for your Android, let us know which of these would you like us to cover in greater detail. Also, let us know which are some of your favorite productivity apps? Share them with us in the comments below.


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  1. K Lenc
    June 9, 2015 at 2:19 pm — Reply

    Have you considered adding to the list?

  2. August 22, 2015 at 9:04 pm — Reply

    I love IFTTT. That is one of the best softwares that I’ve used in a long time. That reality is that we have so many things to do in business that tools like IFTTT really help. I’ve also used different project management software like that one that leankor has and I think that you should have a look and do a review on that software when you have a minute.

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  4. […] have to understand the importance of productivity if you want to succeed as a freelance writer. Of course there are productivity apps for this. When you consider the many distractions you may face as a freelancer you should consider how you […]

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